Friday 4 August 2017

Stag do!

I have had a Reverse Applique project on the go for ages, it has been taken apart and re-done at least three times.

First of all the patchwork back for the applique didn't fit the applique outline, so needed to be reworked to fit the frame. Then, I really struggled to turn under some of the allowances on certain parts of the design. All in all it has been a complete pain in the proverbial, but I am delighted to say that I have finally completed the Reverse Applique!

You will not be surprised to know that the antlers were where I really struggled to turn under the allowance. I discovered when I compared this to the magazine photo that the antlers on my version are a lot narrower than in the pattern version. I do remember taking the pattern to be enlarged at a local printers (don't you just hate patterns that need to be enlarged!) and have a vague memory of having to compromise on the final size, so that presumably accounts for the difference.

Having seen these magnificent beasts on a recent visit to a Deer Park, I think the antlers in the version above are pretty accurate though, don't you?

I did not help myself by picking a linen blend fabric for the top fabric, as it was fraying where the applique points are narrow before I had even got to stitching it down!

So, I went for a belt and braces approach by hand stitching the turned applique and then machine topstitching. Next up an application of Fraycheck to be sure, to be sure :)

The piece will become a cushion eventually when I have sourced some Deer Horn buttons for the back!

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  1. I might suggest that you test the fray check on a piece of scrap. Seems to me when I have used it it has left the fabric a little darker and glossy where applied. After all your struggles to finish it would be sad to have a bad effect from the fray check. It looks adorable. I have never done reverse appliqué. Janita

  2. It looks great and I think you answered your own questions on why it ended up being such a pain. It really is a nice piece. If I put it on a cushion/pillow it would be one no one touched or especially sit upon. With the loose weave linen do you want to take the chance of separating stitches???

  3. a very handsome stag and yes the antlers look just right sizewise. Like you it annoys me so much that patterns are not full size and now our Staples is closing down we have no where to get enlargements. I check books prior to buying any if patterns need enlarging put them back on the shelf

  4. A lovely stag; fit to be the Monarch of the (Patchwork) Glen!

  5. That sounds like it was very tricky to do but it has turned out beautifully. The antlers are perfect :)

  6. Your stag is marvelous! I'm in awe that you got the antlers to work at all!

  7. I've never done reverse applique - yours turned out quite lovely despite the challenges! I suspect I would glare >:/ - at anyone who dared to throw it or sit on it though, lol!

  8. It looks great despite the hardships of getting it done!


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