Sunday 6 August 2017


On a recent visit to a local Farm Shop I came across a basket of china dishes for sale.

Closer inspection revealed this stamped on the lips at each end.

 And this message stamped on the inside.

I have no idea what these were for or, indeed, what the Patchwork products referred to in the inside are or were, but, really, I couldn't not buy one now could I??


  1. Seems like there should be another piece to this OR maybe it is an ashtray with those indents. This has got my curiosity up. I hope you Keep us informed.

  2. do hope someone lets you know about this I would never think to put my fabrics etc into a china dish, as Robin says keep us posted with any news about them

  3. Intriguing! Let us know if you find out what it was used for.

  4. This is a nice little dish and the patchwork references are interesting. I think for handwork it will be very useful to keep threads, scissors, pins etc for the duration of a project. I always have a box or bowl for each project but something like this would be perfect to keep all the little bits and pieces together...Who knows what it was really meant for :)

  5. How intriguing! Good job it came home with you - should have been dreadful if someone used it for an ashtray!

  6. Cute little dish. With the grooves, I'd say an ashtray perhaps.


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