Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Slow progress

Well there has been a little bit of progress on one of my 100 day challenge projects.

I joined a new quilting group this week and despite engaging in lots of stitching (and not-so-stitching) related chat, I managed to cut out and piece 120 of the remaining 235 blocks needed for my Up, up and away quilt top. Next up, trimming those 120 blocks and piecing them together in rows. I am really not looking forward to all that trimming, I can tell you!

No progress on the other two 100 day challenge projects, but still some embroidery done.

I have been beavering away at this in my weekly embroidery class. It will, ultimately, be one side of a sewing box, the other sides include ribbon embroidery and beading so this will be the easiest I think. There are about one hundred French Knots to be added to this before the side will be completed, but as these are most definitely not my favourite stitch to sew I need to work up the courage to tackle them :)

I cannot claim any credit for the shading in the roof embroidery as it is a result of using the most beautiful hand-dyed threads from 21st Century Yarns, who are the equivalent of a tempting box of chocolates for stitchers!

Speaking of tempting, this lovely craft book is the giveaway up for grabs for one lucky linker to this month's Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew Link Party, courtesy of CICO books . So, if you have any Christmas or Holiday makes to report this month head on over to the link party to be in with a chance of winning.

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  1. Made some christmas bee blocks do they count? Love the vine effect on your embroidery.

  2. best of luck trimming those triangles! Good to have found a quilting group, which we had more going on down here. Re the embroidery looking good but wonder have you tried a colonial/candlewick knot instead of french knots I find them much easier to do and they all come out exactly the same

  3. It looks as if you are making great progress on your 100 days challenge, hope the trimming doesn't take too long. I love your embroidery, the thread you have used for the roof is really gorgeous. French knots are not a favourite of mine either and having a large number to do seems quite daunting to start with but once I start in on them I get in the zone and they come together quite quickly, and dare I say easily, in the end.

  4. Your embroidered house is looking beautiful, Fiona. 100 French knots - that's dedication!

  5. I was wondering what was happening with the triangle corners! Looking good

  6. Oooo!!! I love everything. Your house is stunning!!


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