Monday 18 January 2016

Hanging around for Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew

Well, I enjoyed so much being organised come Christmas last year that I decided I wanted to be just as organised this year too. So what better way to be organised than with a monthly link party to keep me on track and a host of great giveaways to keep me motivated. Yes, it is time for 2016's Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew Link Party, which means time for a new button!

This year we have a great line up of bloggers and giveaway sponsors for you, so there will be lots of great projects to inspire you throughout the year and a great collection of exciting giveaways for some added incentive.

Here's where the monthly link ups will be throughout the year.
First up, it's me and my project for you this month will have you using up scraps, whilst organising your Christmas cards and brightening up your walls. What more could you ask for??

For years I have hung our Christmas cards on a length of sequin waste attached to an origami star decoration, but when I couldn't find it in amongst the box of decorations I decided that it was time to start afresh.

To make your own Christmas Card Hanger you will need the following:

1 - 1.75" hexagon for the centre (fussy cut if necessary)
5 - 1.5" x 4" border strips (border 1)
1 - 1.5" x 6" border strip  (border 1)
6 - 1.5" x 8" border strips (border 2)
10" square wadding/batting
10" square muslin (or similar) to back quilting
10" square backing fabric
4" - 0.125"/3mm wide ribbon (for hanging loop)
1yd/1m - 1" wide ribbon (for card tail)

Step 1

Stitch a 4" border strip to one side of the hexagon. Press the strip open and trim the right-hand end in line with the adjacent strip of the hexagon.

Stitch the next 4" border strip to the hexagon lining it up along the cut end of the previous border strip.

Repeat with 3 more of the 4" border strips

Trim the 1st and 5th strips in line with the top edge of the hexagon.

Attach the 6" border strip along this top edge.

Measuring 1.25" from the sides of the central hexagon trim the excess borders back to form a hexagon again.

Step 2

Using the 8" border strips follow the steps above to create a 4.25" hexagon.

Step 3

Layer the muslin, wadding and finished hexagon, in that order. Baste and quilt.

I echo quilted the hexagon in the borders. Trim the excess muslin and wadding.

Step 4

Using the quilted hexagon as a guide, cut the backing fabric to match the hexagon shape.

Mark the centre of the top edge of the quilted hexagon. Fold the hanging loop ribbon in half lengthwise. Matching the raw edges pin and baste the hanging loop to the right side of the quilted hexagon where you have made the mark.

Measure and mark 0.5" either side of the centre of the bottom edge of the quilted hexagon. Matching the raw edge at one end of the 1" wide ribbon, pin and baste as above.

Step 5

Right sides together, pin the backing hexagon to the quilted hexagon, pushing the length of the card ribbon to the middle of the sandwich to make sure that it isn't accidentally caught in the seams when you stitch.
With a 0.25" seam, stitch around the hexagon leaving one side unstitched.
Turn the hexagon right sides out and slipstitch the open side closed. Press

Snip the ends of the 1" ribbon to form a "V" and apply a few drops of Fray Check to the raw edges.

Hang up your Christmas Card Hanger and display your cards in style!

Of course it wouldn't be a Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew link party without a giveaway and this month, courtesy of CICO books, we have the perfect giveaway prize to keep you on track throughout the year.

To be in with a chance of winning just link up your Christmas and Holiday makes below. One lucky winner will be randomly drawn when the link party closes at midnight on January 31st.

Thanks to these generous sponsors who make the monthly giveaways possible.


  1. I'm glad you're taking this on for another year - I have the new button up, and I'll be ready for my turn hostessing in September :) That's an adorable Christmas card holder - that reindeer print in the center is too adorable! Very generous of Cico Books to donate that prize - I did some research and found some pretty awesome projects in it - particularly a rather festive clay display for March ;) My fingers are crossed!

  2. Looking forward to Ho,ho,ho again this year, and great start with your hanger. It has me thinking of hangers for other times of the year too - like hair clips for my little girl in particular! And I'm liking the look of that book, so I'm going to have to get my finger out and start making to have a chance of winning it!

  3. Oh, fun. I don't think I managed to link up last year. Will I do any better this year? We'll see :)

  4. This does look a nice way to display cards. I love your deer in the hexie. How do you join the cards onto the ribbon? I can't quite see in the photo. did you use paper clips? Going by last year, I should probably make something now to be sure of having anything done by December :)

  5. Great way to show cards, and that book looks great!

  6. So pleased you are running Ho Ho Ho again this year, Fiona. I'd better get a move on if I'm going to do a Christmas make this month. Your card hanger is a great idea and looks fabulous, too.

  7. Hi Fiona, I am excited about Christmas makes in 2016! Hopefully I will have a make in Feb to share. Your button is cute and I have added it to my site!

  8. Cute wall hanging! I did Christmas once a month and loved that I was a bit ahead by December and would love to join with you for this year, so will put your button in my side bar for a bit of motivation!

  9. What a sweet Christmas card holder! I love the fussy cut deer in the center!

    I'd better get working if I'm going to have something to link up this month... I can't believe January is almost over!


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