Monday, 20 April 2015

Just one more block

Last month it was my turn to be Queen Bee in the Siblings Together Quilting Bee and I asked for Merry-Go-Round blocks, which I had found in a collection of old quilting blocks. The original blocks were made from templates, but, as I am sure my Bee mates were pleased to find, I updated the instructions to facilitate rotary cutting!

STQB March block

I requested low-volume fabrics for the background of the block, the rest of the block was up to them, although I did make a plea for avoiding girly pinks :)

And here are the blocks my wonderful Bee mates have sent. Aren't they lovely?

As you can see there is one block missing, which is because whilst all of my Bee mates made two blocks each, I have only managed to make one so far. It is easy to see what's next on my to-do list!

This month's Queen Bee in the Siblings Together Quilting Bee is Carol, who has asked for Wonky Log Cabin blocks. I took my fabric scrap bags to the last meeting of my Quilt Group intending to get these blocks done and dusted there. However, as is the norm at the group, there was too much talking and not enough paying attention as I found when I discovered that I had added the log cabin strips in the wrong order halfway through both to the blocks I had worked on!

 So, I have just one more block to make this month and my Bee commitments will have been met, how hard can that be??

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  1. Your block looks really busy on its own but much calmer with its friends - great choice!

  2. that's a great block, it looks fab as a quilt top!

  3. Great blocks! amazing how quickly a quilt top will come together with bee blocks!

  4. What a great group to be a part of. Great blocks.

  5. You have heaps of time left for that last block, Fiona... LOL!!! The Merry Go Round blocks look great!!!

  6. I love how Benta described the blocks together - I read that and had another look and thought it was a very apt description! That will be a great quilt top ... when you get your last block made, lol!

    I'm familiar with the oopsies that happen when several ladies get together to work :D We have good intentions but usually end up chatting and carrying on (and eating goodies, lol) the entire time - hilarity and oopsies both tend to ensue :D Usually everyone laughs their head off when it happens so it never seems to matter much :D

  7. They look so good altogether, definitely great choice.

  8. Looks like a fun bee!!! I really like the block you chose and the quilt top is looking great!!!

  9. I have never made a 'proper' quilt before but I know I really ought to give it a go, especially when faced with such lovely inspiration x


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