Friday 17 April 2015

Crafting Away

Last month I signed up for my first IG swap, the #outlandercraftswap. The swappers are a bunch of very talented and highly diverse crafters, so it has been great fun following all of the makes that are being crafted.

Having been a big fan of the Outlander books for several years and now (at long last!) able to watch the TV series on Amazon Prime, I have definitely been inspired to stretch my crafting muscles :)

So far, I have completed two of my planned projects for the swap.

First up,

A purple linen Dumpling pouch (free pattern available here) I love making these pouches and thought that the fabric pattern was almost thistle-like so fitted the Scottish theme of the book. That may just be me invoking artistic licence though :)

My second project definitely adheres to the Scottish theme, what could be more Scottish than kilt pins and tartan ?? You can no doubt see why I was drawn to this swap :)

The main male character in the book is, Jamie Fraser, so when I found Fraser tartan ribbon at EllieMagpie I knew that I needed to buy some! Naturally, being mostly set in the Highlands of Scotland in 1743, nearly all of the main characters sport kilts, so the kilt pin was a no-brainer too:) I am willing to admit to a bit of bias here, but I think a man in a kilt is a hard sight to beat! Sorry, I digress!!

I had seen something similar to the book page charm in a jewellery magazine a couple of years ago and had always wanted to give it a go. Not wanting to rip up my own well-thumbed copies of the Outlander books, I was delighted when I came across a copy of one of the books in the series in a secondhand book shop in France recently, which I had no compunction about tearing apart.

Some appropriate charms from my favourite charm seller on Etsy, Nicole de Bruin and I was all set.

I am delighted with how the brooch turned out and hope that my swap partner is delighted too, although she has been worryingly quiet throughout the swap, so perhaps she is not quite as pleased as I am!

One more project to go and my swap package should be ready to send out.

Linking up to  Crazy Mom Quilts


  1. I can kind of see a thistle! Love the pin!

  2. Thistle like and the colour makes me think of heather too which feels appropriate as well. Love the pin!

  3. Love the pouch - definitely looks a bit thistle-like to me! And I agree - you can't go wrong with men in kilts!!!

  4. Lovely stuff!!!! (68 mins until my post goes out - fingers crossed!!!!)

  5. Love the shape of the dumpling pouch, Fiona. Another one I need to try. It's a whole new world on Instagram. I'm having fun.

  6. Your swap gifts look great. Thanks for the link for the pouch, have saved that one for future reference. Visiting from FIUF.

  7. Watch out!!! Swaps can be a bit addicting, love what you have made!!!!

  8. I would be very happy with what you made for the swap!
    Love from Amsterdam


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