Sunday, 15 February 2015

Camera Challenge - the sporting edition!

The opportunity to use the sports mode on my camera at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh for a Six Nations Rugby game was too good to pass up.

The game between Scotland and Wales was much too tense for me to concentrate on taking photos during it. Sadly the result didn't go Scotland's way (no gloating there Catrin!) but I did get some photos taken before the nerves kicked in :)

Marching Band Murrayfield
Marching Band pre-match entertainment in sports mode.

Marching Band Murrayfield Stadium
Marching Band in full auto mode

The pre-match entertainment also included fireworks, which I attempted to get a photo of

but I was so startled by the bang that I missed the shot completely!

I couldn't miss these strange fellows though

Welsh sheep are bigger than I thought :)

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  1. That bang scared the bejeezus out of me too, and I was only watching it on the telly!

    Both the sports mode and auto have captured the movement well here because they were moving pretty slowly, but then you gave the camera a large target to focus on that was moving in unison, so it's gratifying to see that the full auto managed to pick it up okay!

    I always suspected Welsh men were a little too close to their sheep, obviously some interbreeding going on ;o)

  2. Mike and I enlarged the photos and we think there is a very slight difference with the best being the sports mode. I am trying to get some photos together to join in too but when I download them to the computer I forget which was in which mode. Is the larger file size the dedicated mode and the smaller the Auto do you think?

  3. Gosh they do have big sheep in Wales! No gloating here at all - just happy to have gotten by France!

  4. A camera challenge sounds like what I need. I have been working to figure out the White Balance setting. It really is easier than I thought but have been doing quite a bit of trial and error pictures. I spend way too much time in auto mode for having such a nice camera.
    Interesting sheep at a sporting event :) We don't have that where we live. Love the marching band.

  5. My camera skills are fairly non existent, I point, click and hope I get lucky! I really can't see much difference between your 2 modes, they both look crisp and colourful. Sorry the day didn't go your way, bet those sheep were happy.

  6. I hope you had an enjoyable time at the game anyway, in spite of the sheep.

  7. Me? Gloat? Never! (Sorry, I commented on your last post before I read this)

    You know I was bought up on a sheep farm and I don't remember seeing any as big as these either!


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