Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Happy Mail

There has been some decidely happy mail heading my way recently.

First up was this lovely block from Nicky, for the Star of Africa Bee.

I asked my Bee Mates to make a block on the theme of houses, and Nicky came up with this wonderful representation of Eilean Donan Castle for me. Didn't she do a fantastic job on this block? The Castle sits at a point in Scotland where three sea lochs meet, and I think Nicky has captured the iconic image so well. The Celtic Knotwork pincushion was an added treat! Thanks Nicky.

I have at least one more block to make for the Star of Africa Bee and this has spurred me on to knuckle down and get the block done, hopefully, before the year ends.

Another happy parcel arrived this morning and unlike the Bee block, this one was a complete surprise!

Now isn't that a nice package to receive out of the blue!

Ages ago I posted about this seagull cushion that I had made for a Blog Hop.

Seagull cushion cover

In the comments, Pam at Threading My Way mentioned that her relative would love a cushion like this, so when I discovered that I had accidentally bought the cushion pattern twice, well it made perfect sense to send the spare copy to Pam.

I thought no more about it, until the package arrived this morning with a note from Pam telling me that she hoped to have finished her cushion by the time the package arrived!

Thanks Pam, the Australian soap smells gorgeous and the sewing-themed fabric will be perfect for a project for my (almost) revamped sewing room :)

I have also had some happy e-mail too, when I was the lucky winner of the Giant Chevron quilt pattern by the Elven Garden, in Jen's recent giveaway. Jen made a wonderful red, white and blue solid version of the Giant Chevron quilt, and Jess has some beautiful versions of her pattern on her blog here This is, apparently, Jess's first pattern release and if this is anything to go by she is definitely one to watch :)

Hope you are getting more than just bills through the post too!

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  1. What great post. I especially love that block from nicky. Amazing work.

  2. Lots of nice post! I love that block, I didn't even realise it was sewn at first, thought it was a stylised drawing!

  3. Love getting nice mail! =) Look like you really had a great week!

  4. Awesome! Isn't it lovely to have such a nice postman?!

  5. Yay for sewing friends, surprise packages, and happy mail :)

  6. the block from Nicky is amazing. Nice surprises in the post for you Christmas come early!

  7. The castle block looks painted... awesome!!! Looking forward to making up the cushion, Fiona!

  8. I like the moose fabric, very nice

    1. Thanks Rose, I was delighted when I found it, it will be perfect for my son's pyjamas!

  9. Wow! The African Star block you got is fantastic. And I love the seagull cushion - extra fun pic, because we have that exact same lighthouse piece!


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