Monday, 2 September 2013

The Last Blocks

It seems like a very long time ago I joined my first ever Bee, the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee where we were making blocks based upon the book of the same name. In Round 1 we made rainbow coloured slabs.

SMQ1 blocks
 To my shame this is as far as my Round 1 blocks have progressed!

In Round 2, each Bee member was asked to pick a quilt from the book to which her fellow Bee members would contribute blocks.

Bee blocks close up 

These are the blocks that I received when I was a Queen Bee in May.

This month is the last month of Round 2 and as our August Queen Bees went AWOL, the Queen Bees for September were able to get ahead of themselves and post their requests early. 

SMQ September block 1

A couple of weeks ago I sent off these blocks for Jennifer's Up, up and away Quilt, which left only two blocks to be completed for Denise.

Denise asked for 2 x 10.5" blocks in low-volume fabrics for the quilt which the book was named after.  I am never quite sure if I have hit the mark with low-volume requests, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that these fit the bill.

SMQ Bee Block Sept1

SMQ Bee Block Sept2

And these are the last blocks for this Bee.

It has been fun being part of the Bee and I have certainly tried blocks and fabric combinations that I would never have otherwise tried. If I can get the last of the Star of Africa Bee blocks done and dusted, which is a much taller order (!), I might even make some progress with those Round 1 blocks :)

Linking up to quilter in the closet


  1. What a fun variety of blocks. I'm really interested in Jennifer's Up, Up and Away plan. :)

  2. I had a 49 LV fabric challenge myself this weekend for a bee block, you have my complete sympathies!

  3. You've made a lovely selection. I especially like the low volume :)

  4. Love the pastels in the last block, Fiona. Time for another lesson... what's a low-volume fabric?

  5. Lovely blocks.........I like the low volume too!

  6. Pretty blocks!! You do make a wide variety!! My favorites are the 1st one and the last one! Hope your week is off to a great start!

  7. lol, i wondered where the bee name came from, all the blocks look fab

  8. it must be such fun to take part in a project like this, maybe when I know what I am doing in the patchwork world I will be able to join something like this.

  9. I too don't really know what low volume means, but the blocks are pretty!


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