Monday, 29 July 2013

More paper piecing!

Quiet Play's little houses have fired up my paper-piecing mojo, so I decided that it was time to try and catch up with Kristy's And Sew On BOM. If I didn't get any blocks made this month I would end up three months behind, and probably never catch up before the last block is posted in September :)

So as some light relief from the ironing which was threatening to take over the kitchen, I set to.

Naturally, this being paper-piecing there were a few hiccoughs along the way!

Hmmn! This is what happens when I stop concentrating and start congratulating myself on how quickly it is all going together, I forget to turn the second piece over and iron before I attach the third piece!

And Sew On BOM June

I had intended to make each hexagon from a different fabric but then realised after (naturally!) I had sewn the three pieces together that I had used the same fabric for the edges of the two hexagons that overlap a strip. I was not going to get the seam ripper out to change that :)

When I had finished this block I was congratulating myself on actually finishing a block for the BOM in the month that it was posted. Premature congratulations as it turns out. When I checked up to see which blocks I was now missing, I discovered that this block was posted in June so I still had July's to make.

Fortunately the paper-piecing mojo hasn't deserted me yet so I printed out July's block and set to. Some of the pieces in this block are tiny!

And Sew On BOM July
I have yet to mark out the grid lines on the cutting board but I will probably embroider them at the end. I am thrilled to bits that the rotary cutter is actually recognisable too!

The March block is now the only one I am missing, so with a fair wind I might even manage to get it done before the end of July and finally have caught up with this BOM. I have said that before though, so I am not holding my breath :)

As we are still (just) in July there is still time for you to link up here to this month's

 Bloggers have been trying out everything from ballooning to wigglegrams, and if you don't know what that is (I didn't!) then check out the links to find out :)

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  1. Way to get (almost) caught up :o)

  2. Your pping blocks are looking great!

  3. I have no idea why, but every time I leave more than 24 hours between PP'ing I completely forget how to do it and end up with bonkers seams and mis-cut triangles. It is the opposite of riding a bike - I forget every single time! Your blocks look great - hope to get back into some PP'ing soon x

  4. Woohoo! Your newest blocks are looking fab! Well done on being almost caught up - nicely feeling hey!

  5. YAY! Two more blocks is very impressive. I am in awe of that rotary cutter. Good luck with March's block. You can do it! :)

  6. Love the rotary cutter, it looks fab! I always make really silly mistakes when paper piecing - it requires a far longer attention span than I possess!

  7. Love your blocks, especially the rotary cutter!

  8. Any progress is better than no progress! Like the rotary cutter, it looks complicated.

  9. Well done you, all I've caught up with is reading Star of Africa posts on Flickr!!!

  10. I love watching your progress with these Fiona :)

  11. Wow Fiona the rotary cutter looks fantastic! Well done.

  12. Very nice pp blocks! That rotary cutter is tiny and it looks great.

  13. Looking good on these blocks. I'd take paper piecing over ironing any day! In fact the only ironing I do is pressing seams. My ironing basket is more of a permanent art installation in my laundry!

  14. Hey! I love the rotary cutter :D And, gosh - I can't count the number of times I've done that with sewing before folding the previous one over! lol

  15. they look fantastic! I haven't tackled July's yet


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