Thursday, 11 July 2013

Crabs, Cranes and Consumption

There has been a lull here in the randomness for the last couple of weeks and here are some of the reasons why :)

Shuffleboard 1

Did you know that the puck in Deck Shuffleboard is called a biscuit? I didn't either but I suppose when you look at it it is not that difficult to imagine why they decided that. Apparently the game was played by Henry VIII, who is recorded as having lost £9 to a courtier over a game, which sounds like a lot of money for the time.

Black Watch in Bergen

I don't know how many biscuits my 800 fellow passengers and I got through ( I am guessing a lot!) but I do know that between us we managed to consume:

25.75 Litres of Cream,
510 Litres of Ice-Cream,
240.96Kg of Cheese,
825 Kg of Potatoes
1,417.93 Kg of Fish!

All in the space of 9 days, so we didn't go hungry :)

King Crab

This magnificent creature didn't feature on our menu, although he presumably has on another menu by now. He was for sale along with his fellow King Crabs and other wonderful seafood  in the Fish Market in Bergen, Norway and this photo was taken especially for our youngest son, who as you know doesn't like food that moves!  Apparently these King Crabs can grow to have a leg span of 6 feet, now that really would freak him out :) Showing him a photo of one that size would have been cruel!

Not as cruel as the local dockers who, whilst doing this on our return home,

Luggage landing

managed to do this to my case!

Battered suitcase

Incredibly the glass cosmetic bottles inside survived intact. I have had this case for several years but until now, had never had an opportunity to use it so this holiday was the one and only outing :(

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  1. Oops - hope you can claim for your case from the shipping line. To destroy it that well took some doing.

    Did you enjoy your holiday?

  2. I feel sorry for the poor person who had to peel all those potatoes!
    That King Crab looks rather angry! I wouldn't worry about the moving, but the bright green colour would definitely put me off eating him!!!

  3. What! Only 510 litres of ice cream...was it a diet cruise:-) :-)
    That huge crab would freak me out too. I'm with your son on that one!
    Glad it was a fun trip,Fiona!

  4. Oh wow, I hope you had a fantastic time. Shame about your poor case!

  5. Well I have learned some things today. I didn't know there were crabs that were green and the Henry VIII anecdote was new to me too. And I certainly didn't know that a stevedore could knacker a case quite that royally on a single trip! Hope you had a great holiday x

  6. Wonderful random - a real miscellany! Sorry to hear about your case though.

  7. I had to scroll past the pic of that giant crab - it freaked me out haha!

    Shame about the luggage - hope the rest of the trip went a lot more smoothly! :)

  8. Sounds like you've eaten well and I'm sure had a fabulous time away... until you saw your luggage, that is. Hope you can claim on insurance.

  9. Oh your poor case but apart from that it sounds like you had a great trip, although I agree with Patti - I'm sure any cruise I was on would have got through a lot more ice cream!

  10. So where have you been cruising? Scandinavia? I hope it was warm for you and you had a great time. Well you obviously ate well!

  11. shame about the bag glad all inside made it ok ............i just had 5 days near bridlington ..........your cruise sounds great :)))

  12. The cruise sounds fun, but what is it with parents taking photos of things to torture their kids?! Do you all go to mean school as part of the pre-natal classes? ;o)

    Sorry about the case though :o(

  13. isn't Bergen lovely! was the crab in the fish market at the end of the fjord inlet? it used to be outdoors but they moved it to the rather modern building, im not sure it belongs really. did you find the fabric shop opposite the fish market?


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