Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another list of hopeful finishes!

Doesn't time fly when you have a list of things that you want to finish! Having only managed one finish from my lovely hopeful lists of projects in the last 2 Quarters, I am continuing with the optimism for Q3 of the FAL at She Can Quilt.

  she can quilt

Yet again top of my list to finish this Quarter is the HST BOM quilt I started at the beginning of last year!

HST BOM Quilt top
The quilt top was backed, basted and bound at the beginning of the last Quarter and I even started the quilting, but then came to a dead halt. I really would like to get this finished so that I can tackle new projects without any guilt, so this is going to be top of my list.

Next on the list is the embroidered cushion I added last quarter as a small project that could be finished quickly! That didn't quite go to plan :)

As usual the delay in finishing this last quarter was more procrastination on my part, when I decided that I didn't have the perfect fabric to finish this cushion and "had" to order more from the US. The fabrics arrived weeks ago and have been sitting on my table top waiting for something to happen to them, so the time has come to stop the dithering and set to.  If I don't get a move on the embroidery will be celebrating its first birthday :)

More stitching for the third project on my list which has been all over Europe with me on my travels and really deserves to be finished by now.

Work in progress

I have been cross stitching this tea towel since we left Riga last year but, in my defence, only when we have been travelling. The band of stitching you can see above is the second band of two so I really don't have that much left to do on it. We have a couple of trips planned to visit our son and daughter-in-law in Oxfordshire and maybe a longer trip to France, so surely that will be enough time for me to finally get this finished. Fingers crossed!

My final finish for this quarter is not quite as advanced as the teatowel, but has been in progress for longer.

Craftsy Catch up

I have two blocks left to complete on this Craftsy BOM (from 2012!). They are both paper-pieced blocks, which is probably why I keep getting them out and then promptly putting them away again! This quilt was originally intended to be a gift for my son and daughter-in-law, and as they are moving back to the North East at the end of next month it would be really nice to have it finished in time for their move.

Well that's my list of hopeful finishes for this quarter, as you can see I am nothing if not optimistic :)

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  1. AWESOME photo of the tea towel, Fiona!!! And if you don't finish it on the trip to France, you'll just have to plan another trip!!!

  2. Where to start? Would you like me to bug you about the HST BOM until it's finished? I too love your picture of the tea towel. And you have to finish the Craftsy BOM because I want to see it - I love the colour palette!

  3. Oh, that tea towel is gorgeous - I'm impressed!

  4. I know how you feel about these finishes....I'm coming to join this quarter too.

  5. Good luck! You really don't think 2012 is an old WIP do you? If so, I must hang my head low!

  6. Hope you have better luck this quarter! Looking forward to seeing them finished.

  7. Love the tea towel! Don't feel bad I still have a couple of blocks to finish on my Craftsy BOM '12 also!! Good luck and if you find the secret let me know :)

  8. Maybe we should run an "Oldest UFO" comp - I can definitely beat 2012!
    Good luck.

  9. you have insured me - once the summer hols start im going to drag out all my UFOs and get some finished!

  10. My lists have not been getting much crossed off them either. Oh well, at least we have a goal to work on. Here's to more finishes soon. I have to get one done by tomorrow night for a hop. I'd better get busy!

  11. Optimism is a lovely thing to have. I'm sure you will get most of these done!


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