Monday 14 January 2013

Wirework flowers and repurposed earrings

If you are of a certain age you will, no doubt, remember when flower looms were all the rage. If you are far too young to remember them here is a reminder!

Flower Loom

This flower loom came free with a magazine and I had forgotten all about it until I found it when unpacking yet another box of my craft supplies. Fortunately they are labelled with various names so that my husband hasn't actually realised how many of them there are :) Anyhow, in the accompanying magazine there were instructions for making a wire flower brooch with the loom so I decided to have a go at it.

The first wire I tried was too thick as it was difficult to get it to bend and stay bent round the pins, so I next tried a coloured copper wire 0.3mm thick.

Flower Loom beaded

As you can see I had no problems wrapping the second wire round the pins. I think next time though I will try a slightly thicker wire as I think it might hold the shape better.

Although I have found the flower loom and most of the rest of my supplies from the move my beading needle still eludes me, so I had to manage without for the last part of the brooch sewing beads to the centre of the flower.

The beads were cannibalised from an earring that has been resting unused at the bottom of my jewellery box for a long time. I am fairly sure I have never had a neck long enough to wear these earrings without getting them tangled up all the time so I have no idea what ever possessed me to buy them!


With a brooch back wired on with the wire left after sewing on the beads the finished brooch looks like this.

Beaded wirework brooch

Not only different but inexpensive too the wire cost less than £2 and there is enough left for at least one more brooch, the beads were free and the brooch back was less than £1! I think I will be making more of these.

I will definitely be making more paper-pieced blocks as I have joined Quiet Play's And Sew On paper-pieced BOM. The first block is called Measure Twice, which is definitely advice I could have done with heeding in the past!

Measure Twice block

I had been waiting for the measuring tape fabric to arrive but as it arrived last weekend I really had no excuses left. The block was really straightforward to put together, although as well as measuring twice I really ought to pay more attention to the orientation of the fabric!

MT close-up

I finished the block off with a stamped measuring tape from another free gift from a magazine!

It is not even half way through the month and I have already completed my Bee blocks and a BOM and the Everything but the Kitchen Sink SAL yet to come! I think that means I can join something else, don't you?

On Friday I will be hosting TGIFF! which means (for a change) I will actually have a finish to blog about. Don't all faint I know it is not a common occurrence around here! So don't forget to check back then and be prepared to link up any finish you have, I can't wait to see them. 


  1. Love the brooch. A great idea to use the looms we all have laying around somewhere. lol. Thanks!

  2. The brooch turned out really nice! Great idea to repurpose unused jewelry for the beads! Your "And Sew On" block is great. I love the stamps on the linen!

    I need to think of something to finish for TGIFF now!

  3. Great recycling project, and lovely PP block, the olours re very soothing

  4. I have seen a couple of the measuring tape blocks and they are all so funky! I love yours - especially the stamped ruler and words on the linen. Very funky!

  5. oooh, good idea. I went mental last year making loom flowers from yarn scraps, but never thought of using wire.

    Your pp block looks great! Good idea to stamp on it.

    there's a bom coming up which is all about learning new methods/techniques if you're interested...

  6. That brooch is fantastic!!!
    I love your Measure Twice block, the stamping is just perfect on it!!!

  7. Hmm, never come across one of those looms before, but funky idea! The block looks great, and nicely in time for tomorrow :oD

  8. Oh the brooch looks great! Nice repurposing too! (Is that a word? We'll pretend it is).

    Love your Measure Twice Block - great fabric choices and I love the stamping addition!

  9. The brooch looks great and fun to make. Great way for repurposing. I love your block. The stamp makes is look so charming.


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