Monday 22 October 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern tablemat

I am on a roll with Halloween projects. Since I tackled the modern Dresden block in the Craftsy BOM I have been thinking of using the block as a tablemat, so what better excuse to have than a Pumpkin Lantern tablemat!

The pumpkin lantern in the photo was an impulse buy in Germany on our recent road trip. We passed through a village near the Polish border, where a whole car park was taken over with a gorgeous display of pumpkins and squashes for sale. I regretted not stopping at the time to take a photo, so was not going to pass up the chance later to buy the lantern as a reminder.

Enough of the reminiscing here's how to make the tablemat.

You will need:


1 FQ of 4 Different Halloween Fabrics, (I used 2 prints and 2 solids)
1 FQ black cotton for backing and centre circle
12.5" square of Insul-Bright Wadding
1.5m jumbo ric-rac
Easy Dresden ruler (optional)


5 x 4" Dresden Plate blades from each fabric
2 x 4.25" circle from the black cotton
1 x 12.5" square from the black cotton
1 x 12"    circle from the Insul-Bright wadding

Step 1

Join the Dresden blades together alternating the fabrics to make a 20 blade Dresden Plate. Join them in pairs, then 4's until you have a complete circle

Step 2

Pin the jumbo ric-rac to the outer edge of the Dresden plate right sides facing. Matching the curve of the ric-rac turn under at each end to hide the raw edges. Machine baste.

With the black backing square right side up pin the Dresden plate right side down to the backing square. The right sides will be facing each other with the ric-rac trim between them.

Stitch with a 0.25" seam around the edge of the Dresden Plate.

Trim the backing square to match the Dresden plate. Pull the backing through the centre circle to turn right sides out.

Step 3

Place the wadding circle between the backing and Dresden Plate by inserting through the centre circle and adjusting with your fingers to flatten.

Step 4

Pin the 2 x 4.25" circles right sides together. Stitch all around with a 0.25" seam. Gently pull the circles away from each other to separate them so that you can cut a slit across the centre of one.

Clip the curves, then pull the other circle through the slit. Press.

Step 5

Pin the centre circle to the centre of the Dresden Plate evenly covering the blade ends. Machine blanket stitch with black thread around the circle to attach.

Step 6

I used the scallop embroidery stitch on my machine to embroider black bats randomly on the mat to finish.

Set up your pumpkin lantern and wait for the ghosts and ghouls to come out!

Check out the great giveaway too at Plum and June , a bundle of Cloud 9 organic fabrics could be heading your way!

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  1. That's an awesome table mat, Fiona!!! The jumbo ric rac really finishes it off perfectly. I can see this in Christmas colours.

  2. That is a brilliant idea and I love the embroidered bats!!
    I agree with Pam, I can see myself making one or two of these for Christmas.

  3. Can't think of a more perfect way to show off the pumpkin! I never would have thought of making something like this. Now I'm thinking what I could make for the other upcoming holidays that seem to be fast approaching. Love it Fiona.

  4. Fabulous! I love dresden plates and this is a terrific idea x

  5. Great idea! Just like a tree skirt for the tree!

  6. I love this! It is the perfect spot to put a pumpkin :D. It was such a great idea to use dresdens for this and the jumbo ric-rac border is great. The embroidered bats are so cute too!

  7. What a brilliant idea - I wonder if I have time to make one! I love the jumbo rickrack. Congratulations on your guest spot too - the bunting was fab:-)

  8. That is one very well dressed pumpkin - well done!

  9. Fabulous, Fiona! I haven't done dresdens before, so this may be a good project to start with!

  10. Perfect mat for the pumpkin! Love the photo of the two together!

  11. Love the lantern, and what a cute wee mat for it

  12. This is so cute! I've made quite a few dresden plate blocks and this gives me another excuse to make some more. Great idea!

    1. Thanks Julie, happy to give you an excuse to make more Dresdens!


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