Sunday, 19 July 2020

On a roll

The new obsession continues!

I have had a Jalie t-shirt paper pattern sitting in my cupboard for over a year and had the fabric to make several t-shirts sitting next to it for nearly as long :) If there was ever a time to dig it out and have a go then surely this was it!

Having only ever used pdf patterns before tracing patterns was a whole new world, so once I had managed that it was time to get busy.

So, that is what I did.

First up a penguin pirates t-shirt for the littlest gorgeous grandson! This fun fabric from Jelly Fabrics has been sitting in a drawer calling to me for months! I am so pleased to have finally used it :)

Next up a bigger pirate t-shirt with contrast sleeves.

Then a little cream rocket t-shirt with fabric that I bought in Japan on our trip there last year.

and a blue rocket t-shirt for big brother.

Then I got carried away and made 4 more t-shirts for the boys mixing up fabrics when I was just short of enough for a whole t-shirt.

The pattern Jalie 2918 , bought from Sew Hot, includes 27 different sizes in the instructions from age 2, which was one of the reasons that I bought it, as I intended one day to make matching t-shirts for my son and grandsons.

Well that day had arrived! Matching t-shirts for Daddy and his boys :)

I knew that my son struggles to get t-shirts that are long enough so I asked my d-i-law to measure one that she knew fitted him and send me the details. After a bit of mathematical confusion (the first cut was nearly dress length!) I finally worked out what length it really needed to be :)

I had never attempted a v-neck before but I am quietly pleased at how they have turned out, well apart from the exception below.

I used jersey ribbing for all of the v-necks except for the three matching t-shirts where I used the same jersey as for the body of the t-shirt. My son tells me that the smallest t-shirt is impossible to get on over the head of our grandson so I have asked him to send it back and I will change it for ribbing as the others all fit him fine :( I am guessing that the neckline strip on that t-shirt is not cut to have the greatest stretch in the fabric for the neck opening so there isn't enough give, hopefully replacing it with ribbing will solve the problem.

The pattern cost £14.50 and at the current rate of production I am down to just over £1.60 per use, which helps to justify the cost of the fabric, well in my mind it does :)

Have you developed any new obessions during lockdown?


  1. All these t-shirts are really cute! You used really fun fabrics for the boys, big and small. My current obsession isn't crafty: I've been watching experts solve sudoku puzzles on YouTube. Sounds strange, but I find it really relaxing and interesting!

  2. In the 1980's I took a class using a serger, and cotton knits. I made the grandkids T-shirts and dresses from that cloth that was available then. Even made me some. Loved them! Very hard to find now. Still have bits and pieces in boxes stored away.

  3. That pattern was certainly a good investment! The shirts all look great :)


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