Friday, 24 January 2020

Small changes

Living by the sea it is hard to ignore the obvious signs of plastic pollution that washes up on the shore here.

We hear about the longevity of plastic straws

and plastic bottles and it is not difficult to find examples of them nestling amongst the rocks and seaweed of our shoreline.

Just before Christmas our youngest son's partner spent a happy couple of hours rifling through my stash cutting up fabrics that she plans to turn into beeswax food wraps. So, inspired by her I thought that I too could use some of that stash to make a part of my daily routine a little more environmentally friendly.

I have made some reusable cotton make up remover pads to replace the cotton wool pads that I have been using previously.

The source fabrics for these reusable pads were a waffle cotton dressing gown that has seen better days and a cotton business shirt that is no longer needed.

I simply put the two fabrics together and stitched them together with the overlocker. I had great difficulty stitching the circular shape in the overlocker, so next time I will make life a lot simpler for myself and make them square!

Our grandsons will be visiting us in a couple of months time so I am also thinking of making bigger pads for the little one's nappy changes but I will check that with his mum first :)

Have you made any small changes to your routines to help the environment I would love to know what else I could try?


  1. I've been meaning to whip up some makeup remover pads. Thanks for the reminder! I've given up straws in drinks. I have to remember to tell them when I order the drink, though, and sometimes I do forget. Haven't bought a plastic water bottle in 12 months. Very pleased with myself there, as I used to buy a lot.

  2. Great idea. I've been making drawstring bags. Even if we all make one small change, it will make a big difference. Hope you enjoy the upcoming visit.

  3. Small changes will add up, eventually :) I made fabric napkins a little over a year ago and we use them daily. I've given up straws when ordering a drink, though the rest of the family isn't on board with that one yet.


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