Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Song of Zadar

The second reveal of our Endeavourers Quilt Group is due today. This quarter the theme was Transformation/Change. Now you would think that as I was one of the members who suggested this theme that I might have had a jumpstart on making the challenge quilt, well you would be wrong :)

I had originally toyed with using the Mathematical concept of Transformation as the basis of my quilt for the quarter, but Mathematics has never really been my strongpoint so that idea was soon jettisoned.

Nothing was really grabbing my attention, until I came across this photograph taken in Zadar in Croatia last year.

This is part of the sea wall at Zadar, which was replaced with these steps and the system of pipes contained within them in 2005/6. As the water moves through the pipes it is transformed into random musical notes. I had my inspiration!

And here is my quilt - Song of Zadar!

I gathered together a selection of white/cream and grey fabrics and pieced them in strips to represent the concrete steps, then surrounded them on two sides with strips of blue watery fabric to represent the sea.

The back consists of pieced blue fabrics, each of which portray the movement of the water through the pipes.

I used a metallic blue thread to quilt waves on the sea strips and a light grey to quilt straight lines on the steps as a nod to musical notation.

When the quilt was bound I decided that it was lacking some movement, so I added some beads as well.

As well as giving a sense of movement to the quilt, the beads also represented the soaring sounds that the Sea Organ achieves.

I had received this book in the post the day before, so embellishment was very much on my mind:)

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this challenge and I can't wait to see what my fellow Endeavourers have come up with, I am sure it will be amazing. You can check them all out here

We visited the Sea Organ twice on our visit to Zadar, and I recorded the sounds of the Sea on our second trip but I have not been able to find that recording since I upgraded my phone a few months ago :(

You can listen to it here instead.


  1. I like the addition of the beads. I love the fabric that looks like sea shells - very effective with the blue of the sea.

  2. Thank you for the You Tube link. Those steps are amazing and the music is beautiful. Your quilt is a lovely representation. I like how all the elements work together and especially the beads. Your new book looks very interesting. I will be looking out for more embellishments on your blog :)

  3. I am blown away that those steps inspired this wonderfully stitched piece. There is always a place for beads in embellishments! This is a lovely piece.
    xx, Carol

  4. A grand interpretation for change/transformation. Watching the video really allowed me to see how well your piece connected to the theme: the steps, the sea and the notes are all in this marvelous piece.

  5. Oh, I love this! What a perfect subject, something that was just utilitarian being transformed into a unique feature, and then it transforms itself every minute!
    I really love the side bar with the varying black shapes on the blue. Great detail!

  6. That's amazing...both your piece and the actual steps. The beads are a great touch.

  7. How neat is this?? I love the idea of both a musical sea wall and a quilt that represents it. Great job!

  8. Love where you are going with your water/sea inspired projects :-) This captures the scene so beautifully!

  9. It was lovely to be able to really see and hear the musical link.
    Lovely quilting, and love the beads. Your quilt is a fantastic interpretation of the movement of the sea and sound of the musical wall, well done, Fiona!
    Barbara xx

  10. Wow Fiona, what an utterly beautiful quilt! I love the story behind it and you have captured the essence of sea and music sew perfectly!


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