Wednesday 25 April 2018

Stitches and Sealife

Welcome to this month's New to Me Link Party, where we celebrate the triumphs and disasters of trying out new and exciting things!

This month I have visited a New to Me place.

We visited the Bristol Aquarium with the gorgeous grandson and whilst he wasn't overly impressed with the fishy display, I was definitely inspired by the amazing textures of the coral and the colourful fish. I suppose when the Rays are as big as yourself it can be rather daunting :)

Sticking with the seaside theme I have also been exploring some new to me stitches in my Shoreline embroidery (yes I am still plugging away at that!).

First up Sorbello Stitch

next was Scroll Stitch , which was the perfect stitch for a wave don't you think.

I really like trying out new stitches in my embroidery projects and anything that replaces that old stalwart the French knot as a filler stitch is always a winner in my book!

So, that's my New to Me's for this month, now it is your turn to link up and show off the new techniques, patterns or anything else that you have tried out for the first time. As always, the link party will remain open until the end of the month, so if you have tried out something new but not yet blogged about it you still have plenty of time left. As Sandra can confirm the New to Me party accepts link ups right up to the deadline :)


  1. I'm a last minute type of linker, LOL. I have an idea ... while I was poking around my collection of downloaded patterns looking for something, I came across a project I saved a while ago. It's a very simple duffle bag with a boxed corners technique that I've never tried (and had never seen before, either). I was recently given a rather large piece of mid-weight (almost home dec weight) fabric by an aquafit buddy, and have been trying to think of a way to use some of it up quickly. The duffle pattern would be perfect with this fabric, and who doesn't like to learn a new boxed corners technique? Isn't it on everyone's bucket list? ;) I'll see if I can get cracking on it for New to Me - I still have TONS of time ... errrrrrrr I still have 4 days :D

  2. The aquarium looks like it would be fascinating. We're planning a trip this summer and checking out museum passes and one includes an aquarium, so I may get to check one out too :) And look, I remembered to link up my new to me's this month!

  3. You really are getting into the embroidery, Fiona. Looking forward to seeing your Shoreline embroidery finished.


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