Thursday 5 April 2018

Life's a beach!

Welcome to the TGIFF link party where we celebrate that great feeling that finishing a project brings!

I had hoped to be sharing a completed Shoreline embroidery with you today, but sadly I am still plugging away at it so that will have to wait for a (hopefully not too far in the) future post :(

Instead I have another long time in the making completing finish to share.

It doesn't look like and shouldn't have been a long time in the making project but that is what it turned out to be.  The partner lampshade was made ages ago and my intention had always been to make a pair, but the beach hut fabric had disappeared when I first went to complete the second lampshade. That problem was solved when I found the fabric at the Knitting and Stitching Show (over a year ago!). Of course, a short while later I found the original fabric!

I have no excuses for why once I had more than enough fabric I didn't actually set to and finish this, but isn't it amazing the difference that a looming deadline for a finished project can make :)

The lampshade was made using a Dannells kit and it was, again, really straightforward to put together. The hardest part was trying to get the backing off of the double-sided sticky tape!

This was the original lampshade so you can see why it needed replaced!

And here are the pair of matching bedside lamps in situ, there is a definite seaside feel to that bedroom isn't there?

I have some sewing themed fabric that is meant for a new lampshade for my sewing room, hopefully it will not be waiting around as long to be made up as that beach hut fabric was.

So now it is your turn to link up your finishes and, of course, check out your fellow bloggers and congratulate them on finishing too. Add the TGIFF blog button to your blog post so that your readers can join the party too!

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  1. LOOOVE your lamp shades and your cushions F, absolutely gorge, well worth the wait ;D

  2. Love the lamp shade - its a great idea!

  3. My daughter & I covered a lampshade with fabric like that, too. When the lamp broke down we couldn't bear to toss the shade so we bought a new lamp base at IKEA. It's funny how we get so attached to things we make! Yours look like perfect accent lamps at the bedside.

  4. So pretty. They look great on the night stands.

  5. I remember when you made the first lamp stand, Fiona. They both look great in the bedroom.

  6. Oh my gosh! I never thought of doing lampshades to coordinate with pillows or quilts. How cool! I really love the look.

  7. Oh that's a fun bedroom! What a great theme to decorate around! That pearly lampshade deserved to be covered, LOL!! I should do something with the ones in my bedroom - somehow I have one in cream and one in dark green, and they collect an insane amount of dust (they're pleated). UGLY! The lamps are pretty wrought iron but the lampshades - UGHH, lol.

  8. Love that whimsical fabric! And the room colors are so restful. I’m sure you’re thrilled you finished the project.

  9. my mum bought me a lampshade kit a couple of years ago. I have the perfect fabric. Have I done it? No, of course not! Yours is lovely!

  10. That's a definite upgrade for the lampshade! From no personality to fun :) The beach themed bedroom looks great.

  11. A beach themed bedroom is fun. Your lampshades and cushions look great :)

  12. I found those lampshades to be a definite two person craft! Well done for finally finishing!!


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