Thursday, 18 January 2018

A word to the wise

If like me, you get an email notification when someone decides to follow your blog, do you ever take the time to look at their profile?

I have to confess that I don't always, often I recognise the name from a group that I have joined or a blog that I have commented on, but equally as often they appear to have come out of the blue. Recently, however, I have been checking the profiles and it has definitely been worth it.

In the last few weeks I have had several "new follower" notifications from Bloglovin that when I have checked the profiles this, or similar, is what I have found.

Each time I notified Bloglovin and each time they have responded after a couple of days expressing dismay and informing me that the so-called follower has been deleted. I have asked if there is anything that I can do to stop this happening but they have just ignored that, so I don't know if that means that there isn't or they just can't be bothered to tell me.

The profiles show several other blogs already followed so I am not alone in receiving this kind of attention. Have you ever had this happen to you and, if so, was there anything you could do to stop it?


  1. I don't get notifications of followers - maybe Russian pornbots are following me as well, and I don't even know it! Kinda icky!

  2. I don't have a blog I am a blog reader of many blogs. On Bonnie K Hunter's blog I have seen what I think are spam comments written with the symbols you have shown.

  3. I don't get notifications from Bloglovin for new followers, but I just went and checked. I have Florence, Virginia and Penelope, all from different addresses).ru following me.

    Sometimes when I check my traffic sources in Blogger, there's some suss sites that I'd rather not see. Used to totally freak me out. Now I just ignore them.

    1. Good on you for bringing this to the attention of Bloglovin.

  4. Well crap...I just looked, and I have at least three of those followers. I wish we could delete them.

  5. Guess I'll go look too, thanks for the heads up

  6. Hi! I just spotted your post. I had this problem around Christmas time and I was so relieved when I contacted Bloglovin and within a couple of days they had deleted the offending followers. I felt this was excellent service. I don’t see how Bloglovin could stop a dodgy follower following as this is the nature of blogging - open to all. However, should it happen again just contact Bloglovin and they will no doubt remove the follower promptly as they did in my case.
    Hope this will help.
    Barbara xx

  7. I’ve had this too and had contacted Bloglovin but didn’t get a response. Good to know it’s a common problem. I also get the odd dodgy comment direct on my blog but I delete the comment completely.

  8. I don’t get emails for followers (or maybe I just don’t get new followers!) but I shall go and have a look!

  9. I have been sending complaints to Bloglovin regarding these Russian porn sites that have been following my 3 blogs via Bloglovin and while I did get a response the first time back in March 2018, these people are still following me and more! They said they flagged and removed the first one back then, but here are the most current spammers/bots/sleezeballs following me:


  10. They will just make up a new name and come back as someone else. I don't understand what they get out of it, but I'm getting a lot of them lately.

  11. I've had the same problem for a couple years. Finally got thru to Bloglovin' and I was told I couldn't block them. They never gave me the option of having Bloglovin' itself delete them. I am totally disgusted and am one step away from just deleting my account.


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