Sunday 18 December 2016

The final countdown! On a roll another Christmas Pudding tutorial.

Welcome to the final Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew Link Party of 2016

If you have been following along throughout the year you will have a stack of handmade gifts all ready and waiting to be delivered on the 25th. If not, fear not there is still (a little!) time to create something unique for some of the special people in your life.

I have been on a roll with Christmas Pudding makes recently, so have one more Christmas Pudding themed make for you to round out the year :)

A Christmas Pudding Hot Pad!

To make one as a last minute gift you will need :


  • 10" square of quilting cotton for the back of the hot pad (Fabric A)
  • 10" square of tweed spot fabric, or equivalent (Fabric B)
  • 10" x 8" rectangle of cream waffle fabric (Fabric C) 
  • 10" square heat resistant wadding
  • 10" square cotton wadding (or two squares of heat resistant wadding)
  • 2.25" x WOF strip of red quilting cotton for binding 
  • 2.25" x 6" strip of red quilting cotton for hanging loop (or similar width ribbon would work too)
  • Scrap of green felt
  • Red button (approx 7/8" in diameter)
You will also need an 8" embroidery hoop inner, or something similar, to draw around for the pudding shape.

Step 1

Trace around the embroidery hoop or whatever you are using for a template on the reverse side of Fabrics A and B, and both of the wadding fabrics. Cut out the circle shapes from each. Using your template, draw a semi-circle on the waffle cotton and cut out.

Step 2

Layer up your fabric pieces in the following order ;

      • Bottom Layer     -    Fabric A right side down
      • Second Layer     -    First layer of wadding
      • Third Layer        -    Second layer of wadding
      • Fourth Layer      -    Fabric B right side up
      • Fifth Layer         -    Fabric C right side up

Pin and stitch around the edge of the Hot Pad with an 1/8" seam, stitching through all the layers to stabilise them before binding.

Step 3

Fold the binding strip fabric in half lengthways and press. Open out the fabric and fold the raw edges in to meet at the pressed fold.

Starting at the centre top of the Hot Pad, insert the pad between the two folded sides of the binding. The raw edge of the hot pad layers should be at the pressed centre fold of the binding.

Pin and baste the binding around the Hot Pad, starting and ending at the centre top of the Hot Pad.

Using a small zigzag stitch attach the binding to the Hot Pad. The stitching will attach both the back and the front of the binding to the hot pad.

Step 4

Repeat the folding and pressing above for the hanging loop strip. Top stitch down each long side of the folded hanging loop strip.

Fold under 1/4" at each short end of the hanging loop and press.

Where the Hot Pad binding meets at the top, place the folded ends of the hanging loop over the ends at the front and back.
Stitch the hanging loop to the hotpad, sewing in a box formation to secure the loop. Make sure that the top line of the box is beyond the Hot Pad bound edge to fully enclose the raw edges of the Hot Pad binding.

Step 5

Cut out two holly leaf shapes from the green felt scrap and stitch to the top of the Hot Pad, slightly below the end of the hanging loop. Stitch the red button to the Hot Pad where the holly leaves join.

Give the Hot Pad a final press and tick another last minute gift off the list!

If you need some inspiration for your festive crafting, each month we add a brand-new Christmas or Holiday project to the Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew archive. Click on the button at the top of the page to see all of the brilliant projects dreamt up to date by our fabulously talented guest hosts and be inspired!

As ever, we have a great giveaway prize for one lucky linker and this month's prize will definitely kick start your Christmas Crafting!

A Long Quarter of this lovely Christmas Stamp fabric and 1m of Merry Christmas ribbon to boot. I am sure that you will all have lots of creative ways to use them.

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is  link up your Festive makes to this month's Link Party to be entered into the draw. Keep it current though no blasts from the past here! The Link Party is open until 23.59 GMT on December 31st so you can link up all those secret Santa projects that you worked on this month :)

The winner of last month's festive thread collection was Sandra, who managed to add another collection of Eunice bags to her burgeoning stash of handmade gifts and some great Snowman hand puppets.

So, now it is your turn to link up and see if you can win that giveaway prize.

Check out the Christmas Pudding Wreath tutorial here and the Christmas Pudding Applique Teatowel Tutorial here.

As ever, a huge thank you to our lovely giveaway prize sponsors, who have been so generous throughout the year.


  1. Though I have no idea what Christmas pudding tastes like.... this makes me smile and think it must be delightful. I love the fringe. Merry Christmas Fiona! Janita

  2. Heehee that's so cute! Well - we're almost there - it's been a fun year of prep ... I'm doing extra stuff now because I was quite organized and prepared this time around :) I just cut out the last 2 Batman capes I'm doing (17 altogether) and will get them done today so they can be mailed next week. They're not Christmas gifts - I would have been in extreme stress mode had I still been working on Christmas gifts this month! Instead - I've been in Batmode, LOL!

  3. So creative, Fiona. I love your Christmas pudding oven mitt. Brings back memories of my Nana's Christmas puddings with threepenny bits.


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