Friday 21 October 2016

Cuddles for a boy

When I recycled shirts for the log cabin quilt for our new grandson, I was left with this pile of fabric that I reckoned could provide another quilt. Baby quilts not being very big after all :)

Having pulled out my Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks for my charity quilt group, I decided that the leftover fabric would probably work for those blocks too.

So, I cut as many 2.5" strips as I could from the leftovers and then sewed them together in sets of six.

Cut again and reassembled I ended up with 4 12.5" blocks (Bonnie Hunter's website Quiltville has a brilliant explanation of how to do this)

That wasn't really big enough, so I added a border of 4" squares (and recycled a white shirt into the bargain!) to make a reasonable size quilt top.

A quick purchase of some Moda Sweet Baby flannel from Plush Addict and I was all set.

I quilted diagonal lines to echo the Trip Around the World pattern and carried those into the chequered borders.

The cuddly flannel should keep that little man warm and happy, don't you think?

The binding is an aqua and white pindot cotton that was all I could find in the local fabric shop, but it works I think.

I am really pleased with how this turned out, and will definitely be looking more closely at the wardrobes of the men in the family from now on :)

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  1. It's a beautiful baby gift! It looks sooooo soft and cuddly!

  2. a lovely baby quilt, maybe DH needs to put a lock on his wardrobe.

  3. This is lovely and it'll be so soft as it's made of recycled fabric. I've made two shirt quilts and they are definitely my favourites, there's something very satisfying about being so thrifty!


  4. it looks really soft, and the aqua binding really works well :-)

  5. Love this ! Makes me want to make Bonnie's pattern using my thrifty shirts : ) I'm sure it is delightful to touch. Recently I have decided to recycle some old clothes into every quilt I make. Just seems to add a bit of comfort to each quilt to know that who ever wore the item lives on. Some of my favorite quilts are old quilts made from worn out clothes. It doesn't make for a tidy sewing room while the clothes wait for a place to fit in but in the end it does make me happy. So it is ! I am working on a log cabin quilt for my granddaughter now and using this thought of old and new living happily ever after. Enjoy the day. Winter is quickly closing in here : / as we begin to put extra quilts on the beds. Janita

  6. A lovely baby quilt, Fiona - the shirting will be soft and the flannel warm.

  7. HAHA the men in the family are now running to hide their shirts and jeans and even their funny boxers - just in case! ;) That's a lovely quilt - I'm envious, though - it seems like you found a very sunshiney place for outdoor pictures - for us, outdoors is now windy and gloomy (and has been very rainy) - it's supposed to warm up to above seasonal temps tomorrow but today was pretty nippy --- I don't think it went much above 7 or 8C :D

  8. That's fab, I'm going to pinch the idea of the bigger blocks round the outside ... Brilliant! (Miles behind in reading blogs, comments will be brief if at all, but I WILL get there!!!)

  9. It's gorgeous! He'll be very cosy and warm when Winter comes :)

  10. It's beautiful, Fiona! The checkered border works really well with the Scrappy Trip blocks.

  11. Upcycled shirt quilts are my favourite and this one is absolutely gorgeous xx


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