Thursday 14 July 2016

Baby steps

Welcome to TGIFF, the link party that celebrates that Friday finish feeling!

This week I have lots of celebrations rolled up into one very little package!

My first celebration is for the fact that I have never sewn an item of clothing in my life before, other than the obligatory costumes for school plays. So, I am beyond thrilled to have produced a recognisable t-shirt :) It might not seem much to the dressmakers reading this, but it is a big deal for me.

Not only is this my first item of clothing, but it is also the first time I have ever worked with knit fabric.

In May I saw the gorgeous baby leggings and hats made by Cathy at Blueberry Patch and thought that it might be fun to have a go. I followed the link to Brindille and Twig patterns and couldn't resist buying a pattern (or two!) Well it was May is for Makers over at LR Stitched, so it would have been rude not to :)

I have to say that working with knit fabric wasn't the easiest thing that I have ever done, and there are definitely a couple of wavy seams in there, but all in all I am pretty pleased with my first attempt with knits.

Which is just as well as I might just have got a bit carried away when I ordered the fabric from Fabricworm and ordered all of these too!

I think that I will have another go at a t-shirt before I attempt the even scarier combination of knit fabric and elastic for matching leggings :)

So, that's my TGIFF finish now it is your turn to link up and celebrate your finishes. Don't forget to check out the other linkers to spread the celebrations around!


  1. Congrats on sewing your first garment! It looks adorable! :-)

  2. That looks really good to me! I'm trying to resist the urge to head over to Fabricworm right now .... it's been a while since I ordered any fabric!

  3. certainly in at the deep end using knit fabric for your first make, well done it looks great, best of luck with the bottoms I am sure you will cross that hurdle as easily as you have with the top

  4. Adorable!! Thank you for hosting!!


  5. Adorable, the new baby is sew loved already xxx

  6. Seeeeeeeeeee (OMGoodness - typo for Awwwwwwwww - but funny!) Awwwwwwwwww it's adorable - and those other knits are great too - I think you got it just right :D

  7. Learning to sew garments is on my list too. Good for you for taking the plunge! Thanks for hosting.

  8. It's amazing that your first clothing project is with knits! Way to jump right in and build confidence!

  9. That really is cute! Well done!

  10. So darn cute!!! Way to go!! The leggings sew up really fast. You will be fine!

  11. That t shirt is adorable! I saw the babygrow episode of the Great British Sewing Bee and I thought that it looked impossible but you're well on your way :)

  12. Congratulations on the finished shirt! It's adorable! I'm still trying to work up the nerve to sew knits...disguised as trying to find the perfect combination on pretty fabric, good price and not-ridiculous shipping to Canada :) One of these days I'm just going to bite the bullet and order something!


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