Friday 15 April 2016

So near and yet so far!

Today is the final check in for Quilter in the Closet's 100 Day Challenge

Jen asked us to set ourselves 3 challenges to be completed in 100 days, easy peasy you might think!

My three challenges were to:

  1. Start and complete the EG project for the Game of Thrones Season 6 launch
  2. Start and complete my entry for the EG Capability Brown tricentennial celebrations
  3. Finish the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee Up, Up and Away quilt

So, how did I do?

Well good and not so good.

My contribution to the EG Game of Thrones Hardhome embroidery had to be completed and returned by March 2nd, so I was on pretty safe ground with that challenge.

This roundel was my part of the project and it was submitted one day ahead of schedule, so a resounding start to the challenge!

The Hardhome Embroidery unveiled
The piece for the Capability Brown exhibition will not be submitted until next month, so as you can probably guess, that challenge is yet to be met.

Progress has been made though!

Having procrastinated over some of the design I finally made up my mind and settled on colours and stitches and managed to finish all of the thread stitching. I am now dithering over the small bit of beading needed to finish off the centre :)

The choice of beads for stitching is not great around here and I find it very difficult to judge colours and sizes on the internet, so haven't gone down that road yet. I did "acquire" several pots of seed beads when I visited my Mum a few weeks ago, so I am hoping that I will find something suitable in there to get this finished.

The final challenge project was undoubtedly the largest of the three.

The Up, Up and Away quilt wasn't even half pieced when I signed up for the challenge and I have been ploughing away religiously on it at my Monday class.

Sadly for the challenge it is not quite finished :(

Happily though, it is not far off :)

I shall spare you the traumas of the quilting for now, but I can report that it is now fully quilted and just waiting to be trimmed and bound. I am hoping that the current miserable weather will continue into the weekend and I will actually get this finished in the next couple of days.

Without the spur of the Challenge I would definitely have laid the quilt aside several times during the 100 Days, so I am thankful to Jen for issuing the challenge even if I haven't quite made the finishing line yet!

Head on over to Quilter in the Closet to check out how my fellow Challengees have performed in their 100 Days.


  1. You didn't give yourself any easy challenges, thats for sure. You did great though, and I really like Up Up and Away, looking forward to seeing it in detail.

  2. Those are such awesome projects to be a part of, & UpUp&Away looks great too. I love everything in that book!

  3. I really do find it encourages me when I join up with a Finish Along or a challenge and have report on my progress. (or lack thereof). Your embroidery and your quilt are both incredible! Lovely work.

  4. Seed beads are so fiddly to work with, but they always look great in the end. One done and two close to completion - that's pretty good in my books, especially given that they are not small projects.

  5. llots of stitching been going on here, loving the quilt. The EG piece I am sure will be fabulous, saw some of them at the NEC in march lovely they were

  6. all your challenge pieces look as if they needed a lot of work in order to finish them so I think you've done very well with one brilliant finish and one almost there. Deadlines are great for keeping the motivation up so your third piece will get done soon too.

  7. Challenges like this sure are great motivators, aren't they? You may not have finished everything, but you made huge progress. I can't wait to see the finished Up, up and away!

  8. That is quite a challenge! But it sounds like you did good - you made progress and you focused on three things!!

  9. You've made great progress. The Game of Thrones piece is a brilliant finish, a Tada is certainly in sight for that beautiful quilt and your new embroidery looks very nice :)

  10. HAHA I love that quilters/crafters/sewers are happy with inclement weather so we can stay in and stitch! In the summer I look forward to spending time in my basement dungeon - I really can't handle the heat, and since I have the furnace in my sewing room (noisy, ughhh) it's always a relief to get in here :D

    One finish and progress on two big projects - I'd say that's a good showing! If you got more done than you would have without the challenge, then it counts as a success :)

  11. Beautiful work! Now I want to make that quilt! :D


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