Tuesday 5 May 2015

Oops, I did it again!

Not read the instructions that is!

Last month in the Siblings Together Quilt Bee we were asked to make Wonky Log Cabin blocks so I made this

STQBee block April 1
and this

STQB April 2
and blithely sent them off to our April Queen Bee.

Feeling very pleased with myself I checked the instructions for the May block on May 1st and set to making this for our May Queen.


Done and in the post before the month even reaches double figures, you can imagine how smug I was feeling :)

Then I had a second look at the photos in the Siblings Together Quilting Bee Flickr group and had my first twinge of concern. The blocks posted for April didn't look quite the same as mine did!

A rather frantic look at the link for the instructions and another look at the photos already posted and all thoughts of smugness flew out of the window.

We hadn't been asked to make two 1/4 Wonky Log Cabin blocks!!! We had, in fact, been asked to make 4 and join them together to make one large block, Oops!!!

Fortunately, it was only the beginning of May so still time to whip up another two Wonky Log Cabin blocks and get them in the post quick with fingers crossed that nobody had noticed :)

STQB April 3

STQB April 4

Another trip to the Post Office and my conscience could almost be salved. A thousand apologies to Carol, our April Queen Bee, and hopefully I have now learnt my lesson to read the instructions fully before I start :)

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  1. Hopefully your quick catch worked out well!

  2. Lol! We've all been there, missing some crucial part of the instructions for something! At least this was fairly easily fixed ;) It will make for a fabulous block too.

  3. Ha ha! I thought it was just me who mis-read instructions! Your blocks are all lovely so I'm sure you are forgiven :)

  4. I'm sure they won't dismiss you yet :) I have been smitten with the log cabin block recently. I just love all the little strips sewn together. Carry on my dear, you do good work. That will be your forgiving grace :) Fun to see little snippets of fabric I recognize in your part of the world. (pink squares with circles) Janita

  5. At least you managed to correct your mistake in plenty of time. Nice selection of fabrics too.

  6. Beautiful blocks and a very quick recovery! I once blog hopped a week early. Instruction reading isn't really the fun part :)

  7. Well, I still like the ones you made! Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday.

  8. Just as well you re-read the instructions. When something looks easy I skim very quickly, often missing vital points.

  9. Ah well. I'll bet you had fun making the second lot

  10. I think we all suffer from rushing in and not reading all the instructions if we are honest!! Have not done a wonky log cabin like the look of it so added to the to do list

  11. Oh instructions, are you meant to read them? Actually, I might give sewing ones a go but anything technical and you can forget it - I don't even know how to save numbers into my home 'phone or set the delayed timer on the oven! Still, all's well that ends well as your blocks are lovely xx

  12. I skim too and miss things - good save though!

  13. Good save - it's always a plan to RTFI.

  14. Love the aqua and pink combo. So pretty, I'm sure that it all worked out just fine in the end :)

  15. Pah to instructions!!!! (Good save!)

  16. Instructions are far too boring, I'm with Benta!

  17. Love the hit of yellow in the second to last wonky log cabin!


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