Friday 25 April 2014

New to Me in April 2014

It's the 25th of the month so time to have a look and see what has been tried for the first time this month.

First up for me this month was joining a Quilt Group!

I came across an advert for a new Quilt Group in my local supermarket, so decided to take the plunge and join in. The class meets every alternate Wednesday and by the time that I came across the notice had already met twice, so I have a lot of catching up to do!

The group were tackling Ohio Stars last week, so I decided to work on the same block and try and catch up with the rest at home, so this is my first Quilt Group block. It was so much fun to spend 3 hours with like-minded individuals, that you will probably not be surprised to hear that I didn't get the block finished before we had to pack up for home :)

My second New to Me for April was creating my first ever downloadable applique template!

I created this Cafetiere and Mug Cosy tutorial for the Terry's Fabrics How-to blog and had to work out how to create a downloadable template for the Armchair Applique. Being somewhat technologically challenged that was no small ask let me tell you! However, I managed it in the end and you can find the instructions and the template here

By the time you are reading this I will be hopefully, well into my third New to Me for April and should be busy admiring buildings like this!
We are travelling along one of the ancient Silk Routes, visiting cities such as Samarkand and Tashkent along the way so I hope you will excuse me if I don't reply to your comments straight away :)

Now it's your turn to share what you have been up to that is New to You this month.

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Check out the other links and leave a comment along the way. The emphasis of this link party is to celebrate the trying of something new, whether it works out exactly as planned or not, so a little encouragement here and there would not go amiss! 

The link will remain open until 23.59GMT on April 30th, so you have plenty of time to try something new and link up and join the party :)


  1. how good to have found a weekly group to meet and inspire each other.

    I am sure you are having a wonderful time on the silk trail, look forward to hearing all about it when you come home, lots of photos too I hope

  2. Your cosies are fantastic. Have wonderful adventures!

  3. Well you have stepped up and learned all kinds of new things this month; you should be very proud!! Your Ohio star is gorgeous!!!! Have a fantastic journey and I can't wait to see some of your pictures and hear some of your stories!!!

  4. I'm really liking the block with the border!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  5. well done on finding a quilt group and getting a pattern published on another blog! Have an amazing time in... Kazakstan? Wherever it is I am insanely jealous!

  6. Hope you're having a fab time on the Silk Route :o)

  7. Well done you - the quilt group looks like great fun, and the PDF thingy - fab! Have a great holiday

  8. You have defintiely had a productive month and your tutorial looks great. The quilt group sounds lovely. I'd love to find one near me but I'm not sure my schedule would let me commit. Sounds like a really amazing trip. Hope that you have a really wonderful time (or had a really wonderful time if you are back already).

  9. Man, you have too much fun. I wish my supermarket would have a quilt group, I want to try out designing applique, and I want to be on a silk route somewhere!!!

    I missed the link up this time, but I will catch it next month.

  10. I hope you're enjoying the Silk Route. It must be fun to be in a quilt group and your pdf looks great. I didn't do anything new in April, let alone make anything for Christmas but hopefully I'll get back on track this month :)

  11. Quilting and gossiping, mmmm.....lovely!
    Enjoy your travels x

  12. I am so envious of your travels! I was supposed to go to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan last year but the trip got cancelled. Sob.


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