Thursday, 20 June 2013

Prettying up the city

You would think that a city that is full of buildings like this

Oxford 1

and this

Not to mention bridges like this

Oxford Bridge

wouldn't need any extra embellishment, but that is where you would be wrong.

Wandering around Oxford last weekend I came across this!

Yarn bombing 2 Oxford

It is safe to say that this square in Oxford had been well and truly yarnstormed.

Yarn bombing Oxford

And very pretty it looked too!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Hope you're enjoying your travels :D

  2. Loving these photos, a trip down memory lane for me, as Oxford is my home town.... I hope you are having a great time - yarn bombing is crazy!!!! x

  3. Your photos are wonderful. I love the beautiful, old architecture.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, Oxford has amazing buildings everywhere you look!

  4. Mmm that bridge is pretty! The yarnstorming ain't too bad either :-)

  5. That's very pretty! I hope people leave it there and don't nick it!

  6. Gorgeous photos Fiona! I wish one day I could visit the UK.

  7. The yarn bombing is fantastic!!

    I used to live down the road from Oxford in a little village near Banbury and we'd often go into town on a Saturday. There are some amazing buildings - but there's an equal share of vile, 60's monstrosities that can spoil many a photo opportunity!! I always wondered how they managed to film Morse and Lewis and leave the viewer with the impression that the whole city is beautiful!!

  8. I love yarn garlands! I have one on my very own staircase. Beautiful, really.

    Amanda Rose

  9. I wonder if it had to do with knit in public week?

  10. I do love a good yarn bombing! What a beautiful city (even without the yarn!)

  11. Oh we saw evidence of Guerilla Knitters in Boston, how funny.

  12. Ha, no-one is safe from yarn-bombing!


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