Thursday, 1 November 2012

Various Cloth pieces

The title of this post is the description that the removal men put on my fabric stash! I thought that was a tad dismissive of the hours of Internet shopping not to say lots of ££'s involved in acquiring the various cloth pieces. We had to put a monetary value on my stash for the insurance and I probably underestimated the figure. Well, I wasn't too keen on my husband knowing just how much money that box represented :)

Said stash is now perched on top of numerous pieces of furniture and behind several boxes in a storage unit, I have no idea when I will see it again :(

We left Riga in this

which, fortunately, had changed to this by the time we reached Stockholm

The bit in between was not quite as calm as we had anticipated! Fortunately our North Sea crossing a couple of days later was.

Not surprisingly, with our move at the end of the month, October was not an especially productive month for me. I did though manage to keep up-to-date (just!) with my Bee blocks

and my swaps and Blog Hops and fitted in a couple of Halloween projects too.

So it could have been worse!

Here's hoping for a more productive November.

Off to catch up now on all the posts I have missed whilst on my travels.

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  1. LOL ... I hate moving as Andy gets to see the whole stash boxed up in one place. Luckily he hasn't yet asked what value all those boxes represents (but I always do the shipping insurance forms - phew!).

    Hope you meet up with your stash very soon in the UK!!

  2. I hate international moves, I so hope you are reunited with your stash and the rest of your stuff soon!

  3. Having moved across Europe myself, I know what it's like. I didn't have an expensive, sorry, reasonably priced stash of fabric to worry about at the time.

  4. "Various cloth pieces"?! How very dismissive! It should have read something more like "Potential for fabulous creativity" - that would have been far more appropriate! hehehe

    Hope that the move went well and you're settling in back home!

  5. That description is ok for posting overseas so as notto incur customs charges, but nowhere else! Bah! More worrying is that it's unavailable,... Sending a cyber sympathy hug!

    PS quite understand the agony of valuing the stash!

  6. Hope you don't have withdrawal symptoms, being stash and sewing machine free. All the best for settling in quickly back home.

  7. I hope the move goes smoothly and your settled very soon into your new home, it's hard moving, especially when the packers come in!

  8. Safe journey home, I hope your stuff gets to you OK!

  9. Safe travels! I hope you see your fabric (and all your other belongings) soon!

  10. Oh, moving is never fun. Have a safe trip and keep in touch!

  11. Hope you and all the belongings make it to your new home safe and sound!

  12. You did a lot considering you had to move. Moving takes a lot of time and is exhausting. I hope you get settled in your new place soon and that you get to play "various cloth pieces" again.

  13. LoL! Various cloth pieces and not wanting hubby to know the true value! oh... I think most of us can relate! You did alot given the moving and all, here's to unpacking those various cloth pieces soon!


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