Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Monthly Mosaic

We are just back from a trip to Warsaw and I haven't even had time to sort out the photos or write up a post, but I realised that it was still the first of the month and I had time to link up to the Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts, so rustled up a mosaic!

Apart from my Sunflower Quilt it has been a bit of a slow month I think. With a trip to Ireland for a family wedding and friends visiting from the UK in May, I fear that this month is not going to be much better. What was I thinking of signing up to Jenna's Play mini-quilt challenge, when I am already behind on the Zakka-style SAL and the NYB blocks! I am already resigned to the tardiness of my NYB blocks, but was hoping to be more organised on the Zakka-style! A forlorn hope I feel.

Hope you have more progress to show for the last month than I have!


  1. Well if you will keep gallivanting about the globe... ;o)

  2. I'm impressed you got so much done amidst your travels! Well done!

    I'm trying to get caught up on all my quilty committments too - easier said than done :)

  3. I know the feeling! There is just so many fun projects to do out there. You did get a lot done considering all of your travels though, a finished quilt even!


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