Friday, 24 February 2017

A seven day week

We were sending a parcel of goodies to the gorgeous grandson, so I decided to make some more dribble bids for the little chap.

Armed with the information from Plush Addict's guide to the Best fabrics for Dribble bibs and some fabric bought especially for this purpose, I set to work.

First up this stag quilting cotton bib

with an appropriately checked flannel backing.

Then an alphabet quilting cotton front

with a Plush fabric backing. By now I was on a mission to explore lots of different fabric combinations! So next up was

a quilting cotton front

with a knit fabric backing.

Then a flannel front

with a waffle cotton backing.

A couple of duplicate combinations later and I had six bibs to send off.

When I showed them to my husband he wondered why there weren't seven bibs, one for each day of the week. So, of course I went back to the sewing machine to produce

More quilting cotton

with a waffle cotton back. The waffle cotton in this case came from a discarded dressing gown, so this was a thrifty version too!

So, these are all currently winging their way south, to help mop up the dribble from a certain chatty little chap! I shall let you know if any combination is better than the others at that job.

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  1. These are so nice! I should make some for my youngest grandson. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sylvia at Treadlestitches

  2. Heehee hubby was right - if you're up to 6, 7 is much more practical, lol! I do believe that the waffle cotton will win the (informal) contest ... and that the flannel will be a very close second :) All are cute ... but the stag fabric - oh my - yummy! That design is very close to the reindeer appliqued drawstring bags I did at Christmas, lol!

  3. Oh, I couldn't stop at 7, as it's an odd number, even though one for each day of the week makes perfect sense. Ha, ha... I'd keep going to 8 or maybe even 10. It will be interesting to see which combinations do the best job. They all look great, but I especially like the last one.

  4. He's lucky to have such a fab grandma!

  5. Awww, they are fabulous Fiona. I especially love the stag version x


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