Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Scrappy Tripping

Having promised myself that I would not sign up for anything else, what did I go and do? You guessed it - signed up for another Bee! The Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee to be precise.

Scrappy Trip Block 1

So I have been making blocks like this over the weekend.

The Bee requirements are not that onerous, which was one of my reasons for signing up :) There are 6 Bees in each Hive, and we will be sending out one Scrappy Trip Around the World block to each Bee member every quarter. That doesn't sound so bad now does it.

The blocks are made using the tutorial from Quiltville and they are really quick to put together, so once I had made one in next to no time I had made all 5.

Scrappy Trip Block 5

Bright modern fabrics for this one

Scrappy Trip Block 2

Low volume for these two

Scrappy Trip Block 4

Aqua's and green's for this one.

I would have said that I had very little in the way of low-volume fabric in my stash, so I was surprised to find that I could come up with two low-volume blocks with ease.

The blocks were so straightforward to put together, that I kept going after I had finished the Bee blocks. Having rejected several ideas for a quilt for my son and his new fiancee that is one of my Q2 finishes (hopefully!) I decided that a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt would fit the bill perfectly.

So, now have this large pile of strips to get to grips with. It is progress but that is about all I can say for it at the moment :)

 It has been a while since I looked at my WIP list, so here is how it is looking now

So that's my progress looking forward to seeing yours.

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  1. Your blocks look great! I think that's the "bad" side of blogging, we see so many more fun projects and get inspired by so many things that it's hard to resist. I've been watching those scrappy trip quilts for months and working hard to resist them myself. I can see why you finally gave in, one block a member each quarter makes it sound so manageable. Hope you have fun with your bee!

  2. You mad impetuous thing:-) It sounds fun and if you have the energy why not - your blocks are lovely!

  3. Doing well so far! Good luck with the quilt :o)

  4. What a great idea for a bee. I made one of these earlier this year and I had thought about making it low-volume but I didn't have enough lv fabrics in my stash - this would be a great way to do that!

  5. Lovely blocks! That sounds like a good bee :)

  6. ROFL! I think most crafters can resist everything except temptation (in the nicest possible way of course). Good luck with your bee - it sounds great fun.

  7. These are great aren't they? Enjoy busting those scraps.

  8. I really like the scrappy trip blocks, but they seem so daunting to me....all those little squares! I'm just not organized enough yet! :)

  9. Isn't it like this with us quilters? But that way we meet so fantastic people from around the world. Your blocks are pretty!

  10. It is SO hard to not give in to beginning a new project!!! Well done on deciding how tomake your son's quilt. What is 'low volume'?

  11. your blocks look great :) I can't wait to see mine in person!

  12. I just want to say these quilts are looking amazing thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

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  13. Your blocks are beautiful! Those blocks are so addictive. I love the colors in your stack of strips!

  14. I can't wait to see where your scrappy trip takes you.


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