Monday, 1 November 2021

Beach Belles

 It is time for another Endeavourers Challenge reveal! This quarter the theme was "a newspaper headline", well didn't that provide endless scope! 

There have been lots of apocalyptic headlines in the last year or so, but I decided to go for something a bit different for the inspiration for my quilt. Like many of you, I suspect, our summer holiday this year was a "staycation", which as we live by the sea wasn't exactly a hardship :) There are no beach huts nearby, but if there were I wonder would they be selling for the record sums described by my chosen headline -  

Beach huts, of course, are not a modern phenomenon mobile changing rooms were in existence in Scarborough on the North East coast of England well before Victorian times. In the 1890's, the mobile rooms had become static and geared towards leisure rather than taking the seawater cures. 

So, I have imagined my Edwardian beach belles enjoying a stroll along the sands on a lovely, summer day in front of the newly built, colourful beach huts. 

I stitched down strips of scrap fabric for the sea and sky, with little bits of lace and shimmery net to represent the sea foam and sunlight on the water. Scraps of fabric were upcycled from my OH's redundant workshirts for the beach huts and the door outlines free motion embroidered.

The Edwardian ladies were from a FQ of fabric lurking in my stash. The fabric was brushed with Mod Podge for Fabric and left to dry, then the ladies were cut out and free-motion appliqued with invisible thread.

I was even able to stitch together several wadding offcuts for this quilt, so it was a very economical exercise indeed.

I am delighted with how this piece turned out and can't wait to see what my fellow Endeavourers have created for this challenge! You can see them for yourself here

Once again, I have to thank Catherine and Janine for organising this group, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles for these Challenges.


  1. This is so relaxing and lovely to look at! I need to try that Mod Podge technique.
    And I also scrolled down and caught up on some posts I had missed -- you have been so busy, and so creative in so many areas!

  2. Nice job on this, Fiona. I’ve never done anything with Mod Podge. I might need to make a trip to the craft store to see what it’s all about. I love what you’ve done with your quilt.

  3. This turned out great! Very summery. Wonderful fabric choices.

  4. I just love this quilt. It makes me smile to sit here on a cold, damp evening and think of those golden days. With those lovely colours and the sheer elegance of those ladies, you've created a really joyful atmosphere :)

  5. That's lovely! Friend of mine live in a town where a beach hut sold for for than the value of my house😳

  6. I love the idea of beach huts but OhMyGosh the prices are mental!!! Yours is the perfect compromise!!!


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