Wednesday, 6 January 2021

You've got to pick a placket or two!

 Over the summer,as you know, I had great fun making clothes for the gorgeous grandsons. Once I had made them (more than) a few t-shirts I decided to branch out and have a go at polo shirts! 

My, by now, well-thumbed Ottobre magazine had a pattern for a polo shirt so nothing ventured, nothing gained. 


Well the nothing gained bit was right! I struggled with getting my head around the instructions for getting the placement of the cut for the placket so my first attempt was definitely a bit off centre! Fortunately, I had (just) enough fabric to cut out another front piece and have another go.

Very considered cutting later I had my very first placket and in the right place to boot!

Well, I couldn't make for one grandson and not the other so emboldened by my success I stitched up this one too.

I am not by any means a dressmaker so the finishing touches on some of the Ottobre patterns are often a surprise to me, like this bound neckline, but they are always worth the little bit of extra effort (and at times, some head-scratching!).

I am currently working up the courage to make a couple of showerproof jackets for the grandsons, fingers crossed they do not turn out to be a step too far :) If nothing else, it will keep me busy in this new lockdown! 


  1. Gosh Fiona! You are very brave making clothes! Do you use an overlocker?
    I’ve never tried making T-shirts as I’m not sure how I’d tackle that type of fabric.
    I like the sound of showerproof jackets, look forward to seeing them!
    Keep safe and well my friend!
    Barbara xx

  2. Nice work! I learned to do these when my boy was little, but I'm afraid I'd have to learn all over again! Love the bunnies.


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