Saturday, 25 April 2020

In-house and occupied

Well, isn't this a strange time to try out something new? I hope this finds you safe and well and finding lots of outlets for those creative urges.

Last month when I was due to post on my New to Me's I had succumbed to what might, or might not, have been the cause of the worldwide closure. I couldn't concentrate on anything so it is probably just as well that I didn't have the energy to post as who knows what gibberish I might have written :)

I was supposed to be attending a full day Embroidery and Applique workshop two weeks ago with the very talented Roslyn Mitchell, who gave a fascinating presentation at my EG group a couple of years ago. Ever since then I have been looking for a chance to attend one of her workshops, so I was thrilled when I discovered one would be held not too far away on a day that I could attend. Needless to say lockdown put paid to that :(

So, my New to Me's this month are, of necessity, in-house.

 Our Endeavourers Quilt is due to be revealed on May 1st and I have been playing around with tea-dying fabric. The tea towel above (yes that is the before photo!)

Now looks like this! Trust me it will make sense in time :)

I have always struggled with isolated French knots like these when I have been stitching a pattern.

If I think that I can get away with it this is usually how I stitch them, with the thread trailing across the fabric between the knots.

No longer! Thanks to this tutorial from Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread no more trailing threads :)

I am so delighted at having discovered this method and only wish that I had taken the time to look for it sooner but, then I suspect I am not alone in that regard.

Hoping this finds you all well and finding joy in the small things too!


  1. Oh, wow, Fiona, I struggle with French Knots, too! I can't wait to peruse the web site you recommended. If you like stitching, I can recommend a really good book: The Geometry of Hand Sewing by Alabama Chanin. I own very few books, but this is one of them. SO looking forward to reveal day. And, looking forward to the package you sent! xoxo,m

  2. Very useful to read about isolated French knots. I’m sure I’ll be using these ideas sometime! Looking forward to the big reveal.
    Barbara x


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