Friday 20 September 2019

Toys for a Boy

Our gorgeous grandsons joined us for the last week of our recent holiday in France, so I stitched up some toys for their amusement whilst they were there.

First up a ribbon taggy for the littlest grandson, I thought that the Babar fabric was very appropriate for the location :) The ribbons were bought in the local market so there was a distinctly French flavour to this taggy.

Can you spot the deliberate mistake? Sadly I didn't realise until I had stitched the opening closed (twice!) that the gap between the yellow and green ribbons on the right hand side was because the orange ribbon that was there is still on the inside!! I am sure that the tiny grandson will not notice :)

Next up some soft blocks for the same little man. I didn't have a lot of fabric to hand so used as many bright coloured fabrics as I could and added bits of the leftover ribbon from the taggy blanket.

I wanted to add some different textures to the blocks so this square was made from a scrap of fleece that I had on hand.

This square crackles when squeezed

because both it and the taggy blanket are backed with some of this, the inner bag from a cereal packet! I was trying to find a way to make the block and taggy "noisy" when I came across this post that mentioned using a washed cereal bag and realised that it was the ideal solution.

I am pleased to report that both were well used on the holiday!


  1. These are such darling gifts! I'm sure they will be especially treasured because they came from Grandma :)

  2. These are great toys! I love Barbar the elephant :)

  3. Great toys that will no doubt be used and loved a lot. No one, but no one is going to notice the spacing of the ribbons.


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