Thursday 18 October 2018

A Mackintosh Inspired TGIFF

Last weekend I attended the first of our Embroiderers Guild workshops for the coming year, which was on the theme of a homage to the Glasgow Architect and Designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is now150 years since Mackintosh's birth, so there are lots of celebratory events being held in my part of the world.

Our tutor, Marjorie, brought along some examples of her work to kick start our creative process.

We were given lots of examples of Mackintosh designs to pick from for our own piece.I chose a flowing leaf design and then set to attempting to draw a pattern for my embroidery.

Next up we picked a piece of hand-dyed silk for the applique pieces.

We used our design and a lightbox to create the applique pattern pieces on Bondaweb.

Once the applique pieces were applied we were ready to couch the cords. We had two thicknesses of cord to work with, so I chose to use the thinner cord to outline the leaves.

Then used the thicker cord for the leaf stems.

Once the embroidery was complete I felt that it was a bit flat so decided to add some beading to the piece.

I didn't want to detract from the clean, uncluttered lines of the piece so only stitched some beads between the stems.

And here is the finished piece ready to be stretched and framed!

So, that is my finish for TGIFF now it is your turn to link up and share your Friday finishes. As ever a bit of encouragement is always welcome so check out your fellow linkers and share some of the celebrations around. Include the TGIFF blog button in your post if you link up so that your followers can check them out too.


  1. I enjoyed this post! I loved the silk applique and the beads!

  2. What an interesting technique! Simple design, yet not so simple! Thanks for sharing your work and hosting the TGIFF linky!

  3. It's beautiful, Fiona! The simplicity of it is very striking and the beads added just the right touch :)

  4. Most of the designs that are associated with Rennie Macintosh were the work of his wife Margaret Macdonald who was a wonderful designer and textile artist. They worked closely together and did not document attribution. But I’m quite sure your lovely design is the work of Margaret Macdonald.

  5. This is beautiful. I love the simple lines and I now think I need to look at this artist.


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