Sunday, 23 July 2017

Then there were three

Once I had made the gorgeous grandson some new shorts for his summer holidays, it was time to get cracking on a couple of t-shirts to complete the ensembles.

As ever I used my go-to Brindille and Twig Lap Neck Tee pattern.

First up, this fun Whale Organic Jersey from Jelly Fabrics that has just been waiting on my shelf to be stitched up into a t-shirt.

Next up, this lovely Organic Jersey stripe fabric from Jelly Fabrics again. I have resisted using stripe fabric before as I worried about the difficulty of matching up the stripes but actually it turned out fine. I think it was probably easier that it was a simple stripe that I was matching. I have some knit fabric that looks like a Fair Isle pattern that I am planning to use for a Christmas top for the gorgeous grandson, but I might need a bit more practise with stripes before I attempt that :)

Last but not least was this Lap Neck Tee made with this fun Flying Hedgehogs Organic Jersey from you've guessed it (!) Jelly Fabrics

I found all of the Jersey fabrics to be 'slippier' than the heavier knits that I have made these t-shirts with before, but that makes them ideal for the lovely weather that the boy will hopefully get on his first summer holiday.

I wish these patterns had been around when my boys were little, not to mention access to such fun fabrics, I could have been a Pro at stitching up boys clothes by now if they had been :)


  1. so good to have made these for your GS they are unique and far nicer than those in the shops, loving the hedgehogs. Maybe you will be making a quilt with all your makes once he grows out of them quilts from clothing seem very popular at the moment

  2. No flying hedgehog fabric around when I was sewing for my own kids - love it!!!

  3. Heehee the only thing cuter than hedgies, are FLYING hedgies!

  4. Love the flying hedgehogs!!!!!!! Great tshirts


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