Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Furry Friends

I have been testing out two new paper-piecing patterns for Juliet as I couldn't resist them when she put out the call for testers!

First up

was this cute little Otter, isn't he sweet?

He was soon joined by

this spiky, little hedgehog. He looks a bit like an albino hedgehog in the photo, but he isn't really so pale in real life, I assure you :)

As ever with Tartankiwi patterns they were a breeze to put together and great scrap busters to boot!

I don't have any particular plan for the blocks, although the gorgeous grandson probably features in whatever they become :)

For the minute they will join the Falcon block that I tested for Juliet a while ago until I can decide what to do with them.

All suggestions welcome!

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  1. these will make great blocks for a children`s quilt full of character

  2. they are gorgeous! Love the otter.

  3. So adorable - the otter is my favourite! You could use a single block for the panel on a really cute tote bag (maybe one to carry library books?) or enlarge the pattern to use one block for a beautiful throw pillow!

  4. That otter is so full of personality! I think these would look great made into a quilt for the gorgeous grandson, with a few friends added in and maybe some plain or simple pieced blocks to make it big enough for him to drag around and cuddle up in through his toddler years.

  5. I can see a quilt for the gorgeous grandson coming up. I've tested a few times for Juliet - always smooth sailing with great results.

  6. Thought I'd commented! Love these - I have a hedgehog fan at home, think I might have to make one!


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