Friday 18 November 2016

Christmas Pudding Wreath

I promised you a tutorial for my Christmas Pudding Wreath and here it is!

It really is a speedy make and one that a child could make with minimal supervision, so if you need a little 'me' time you know what to do :)

To make your own Christmas Pudding Wreath you will need the following :

  • One 8"/20cm polystyrene ring
  • Scraps of brown fabric approximately 2" wide equalling 120" in length
  • Scraps of cream fabric approximately 2" wide equalling 70" in length
  • 5/6 small brown flat back buttons
  • 10" scalloped lace trim
  • Scrap of green felt approx 3" square
  • 2 small red bells 
  • Small brass coin charm and 1 brass jump ring (optional)
  • 12" narrow red satin ribbon

You will also need pins/glue or staples to attach the fabric to the ring.

Step 1

Sew the brown fabrics together until you have a strip 2" wide and 120" long. (If your ring is bigger than 8" or your strips are narrower than 2" you will need to make the strip longer than 120" )

Starting at a point halfway between the top and left mid-point of the ring pin/glue or staple one end of the brown fabric strip to the back of the ring. Holding the fabric tightly in your hand wrap the ring with fabric overlapping the fabric approximately every 1/4" to 1/2" all the way around to the same point on the opposite side of the ring. (If you are left-handed it might be easier to start on the right hand side and work towards the left)

When you have reached the opposite point of the ring pin/glue/staple the fabric to the reverse of the ring. (If your fabric strip is too long just cut off the excess fabric at the back of the ring, the exact length of strip that you will need depends upon how tightly the ring is wrapped so you may end up with a little bit of extra fabric if your wrapping is not as tight as mine was).

Step 2

Sew the cream fabric scraps together until you have a strip 2" wide and 70" long.

Starting where you began with the brown fabric wrap the cream fabric around the ring overlapping the end of the brown fabric and then wrap in the opposite direction until you reach the other end of the brown fabric. Overlap the end of the brown fabric and wrap the cream fabric around a couple of times before finishing as before.

Step 3

Glue the buttons randomly on the brown fabric wrapped section of the ring.

Step 4

Attach the scalloped lace trim to the wreath starting at the back of the ring where the cream fabric wrapping begins and following the curve of the wreath finish at the back where the cream fabric wrapping ends.

Step 5

Cut out two holly leaf shapes from the green felt. (I cut my shapes out freehand but you could trace the pattern first on the felt) Overlap them at one end and stitch together. Stitch the bells to the felt leaves where they overlap. Glue/pin the holly leaves and bells to the centre top of the wreath.

Step 6

Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise and pin/staple to the centre top back of the wreath.

Attach the coin charm to the edge of the lace using the jump ring.

Stand back and admire your new Christmas decoration :)


  1. I am sure lots of followers will be making one of these, I no longer decorate for Christmas so will pass on this one

  2. I love ideas for keeping the little ones busy over the holidays! Here in America Christmas pudding isn't as common- but I remember my grandmother telling me she loved it! A few felt gingerbread men or bobbles and I have a great American version, Thanks!

  3. Adorable wreath --- and even moreso knowing the bit of a story behind that lovely lace!

  4. This is so CUTE. Love it. visiting from Shabillicious Friday. Best wishes, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  5. A beautiful wreath, Fiona!!! The perfect way to use that beautiful lace.

  6. This is brilliant! It's my favourite Christmas wreath I've ever seen. I will look out for a polystyrene ring :)

  7. This is wonderful, 'Sew Homespun' and just perfect for a Christmas heirloom decoration!

  8. Tried to download applique patterns and had to install download but didnt have enough room on my phone. Is there another way to download without the link you provided which tskes me to this instsll app.

    1. Sandy, I am not sure what you are trying to download but you don't need any pattern to make the wreath, just your imagination :)


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