Thursday 17 December 2015

A forest of delight

The embroidery class that I started attending in September is held in a cottage adjoining a local church, and as I discovered a couple of weeks ago the church holds a Christmas Tree festival every year over a couple of days in December.

This year the festival finished on a Tuesday so I was able to visit after my class had finished in the afternoon.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect and was quite taken aback to discover that there were over 80 decorated trees placed around the church. Each tree was the work of a business or group connected with the village.

This vintage book and toy tree was the work of a local cafe and vintage shop, isn't it delightful?

This tree was a particular favourite, as I am sure you have already guessed it was the work of a local wedding dress company :)

This was the tree entered into the Festival by the ladies of the Embroidery Group.

A workshop in the summer making the embroidered and beaded dragonflies that you can see in close up above was the impetus for the tree. As you can see the other decorations on the tree were all sewing related. As well as the gold scissors above, there were reels of shiny thread and skeins of metallic embroidery thread to add to the sparkle.

Aren't the dragonflies beautiful? I think it will be a while though before my embroidery skills are up to that level!

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  1. It is absolutely beautiful - Visiting a church during then Advent and Christmas season always feels like a connection to the past and an opportunity to have a moment or two of peace and quiet. All the trees are beautiful, the dragonflies are stunning and I love the dress form inspired one too. What a great idea for local families. Just wonderful!

  2. Love it what a wonderful idea.

  3. OOOOoOOOOOO the wedding dress tree is awesome, but that white tree with the embroidered and sewy items - I want it, lol! Open the pictures in another tab for major eye candy - those dragonflies are incredible!

  4. What a beautiful church! We have a tree festival in our church too, but I struggle for ideas for the Sunday school tree - I'm thinking a book tree next year! Hymn books!

  5. what a lovely display and such imagination, the book tree is a first fo me but works so well

  6. Love that book tree - I'm inspired to try that one at home!


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