Thursday, 15 October 2015

A touch of French style

Life here has taken on a very French focus recently.

First up we spent a couple of weeks indulging our love of French food and wine in the glorious SW of France.

Baked cheese with honey and Parma Ham for starters anyone?

Or, if dessert is more your thing, how about not one but three variations on a theme?

Rosemary, Sage and Thyme Creme Brulees that were every bit as delicious as they sound!

Of course, surroundings like these just add to that whole French ambiance.

There was a completely different ambiance in my next French foray, to the Style is Eternal exhibition celebrating the genius of Yves St Laurent at the Bowes Museum 

It was wonderful to see up close beautiful (and completely beyond my budget!) outfits such as 

this stunning patchwork evening dress

 or this amazing beaded dress. I am not sure how practical this one is but I love it all the same :)

Of course it wouldn't be a YSL retrospective without an example of that most iconic of YSL creations - the tuxedo!

The exhibition is apparently the first ever of YSL's work in the UK, and it is on for another week or so, so if you find yourself in the North East with some time to spare I would definitely recommend a visit. 

My final dose of French style was much less rarefied than the hallowed environs of high fashion. Here's a clue.

We travelled to Cardiff for the Ireland v France match in the Rugby World Cup. Whilst the males in the family watched from the wonderful arena of the Millennium Stadium, the females enjoyed the game in the more genteel environs of a Sparkling Afternoon Tea at St David's Hotel in Cardiff Bay. 

En-route to the hotel we came across this example of French style that perhaps prove there is an exception to every rule :)

 Still at least he wasn't wearing an inflated rubber glove on his head as a coxcomb like one fan we came across!

Thanks to the result on Sunday, I get to visit Cardiff again next week and sample some Argentinian style next :)

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  1. You've got to love the rugby fans. Cardiff is always a wonderful place to be on match days. I used to really enjoy working there on Six Nations weekends. Enjoy your day out

  2. Looks like you are living on the yummy side of life : ) Janita

  3. Great pictures ... but I want ALL OF THE FOOD. I've never heard of savory creme brulee before, but now - I WANT.

    BTW - that guy in the last photo - I bet he'd be a fun neighbour, LOL!

  4. You had me at creme brulee :) Looks like you've been living life to its fullest!

  5. You are most certainly enjoying life, Fiona. A visit to the museum to see those wonderful creations would have been amazing. I'd have put on heaps of weight with a stay in France, but boy would I have enjoyed doing so.

  6. That creme brulee just looked fabulous. You do the MOST fabulous traveling. Keep it up. You are my window to the world. :)


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