Thursday, 13 November 2014


I came across these different vehicle parks on our recent trip and had to share them with you!

New York car park
Certainly adds an extra dimension to the stress of the daily commute!

Miami Beach boat park
Well, of course this is Miami Beach :)

St Georges, Bermuda
The joys of island living in the Bermuda Triangle!


  1. The car park would stress me - I've actually seen garages on TV that had some kind of elevator thingy to raise one vehicle above the other - I would be worried about the safety of the bottom car every minute of every day, lol. And there's no way I could get into the bottom car unless it was on the driveway and not being hovered over by 2000 pounds of vehicle :D The boat parking(s) are pretty cool though - I don't have a boat so I wouldn't have to stress over anything, LOL!

  2. Gulp! You certainly got around on your holiday!

  3. I like to know there's a reasonably solid wall behind / in front of me when I park in a multi-story car park, even if I don't come anywhere near it. A couple of cars in the New York car park look like they are a little too close to the edge!!!

  4. Lol! fascinating group of photos! Always love your travel pics. Hope your travels were fun!

  5. They park your car, right? I'd be a bit worried about doing something wrong!

  6. I know a few houses nearby that have those car park thingys in their garages so they can fit more cars into their houses.


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