Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The heavens aligned!

Isn't it great when you are pressed for time to discover that the Bee blocks that really need to be made and sent before you head off on holiday are both blocks that you have made before? Maybe that is just me!

I was delighted to find that this month's blocks for the Fat Stash Brit Bee were paper-pieced Square in a Square blocks, which were one of the first ever paper-pieced blocks that I attempted thanks to Katy's FPPFTT tutorials many moons ago.

Fat Stash Brit Bee block October

So these were whipped up in no time.

Then even more joyful was the discovery that the October blocks for the Siblings Together Quilting Bee were Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks, and hadn't I taken part in 5 rounds of a STAW Bee! So, not only had I made the blocks several times before but I even had strips pre-cut! Somebody was definitely on my side :)

STog Bee block Oct 2

Siblings Together Bee block October 1

So these were whipped up in no time too!

We were given complete freedom as regards colours and fabrics for these blocks so as you can see I took full advantage. In one of the STAW bee rounds I was asked for a black and white block with a single colour through the middle and I really liked the resulting block, so I decided to take the opportunity to make another similar block when I had the chance :)

Next month I will hopefully have more time for making Bee blocks so will be happy to have new blocks to try, but this month the heavens definitely aligned in my favour!


  1. I love these blocks! Have a good holiday.

  2. Lovely blocks, Fiona! It's me next month, but rest assured, the blocks will be simple too! Not that I know what I'll ask you all to do yet though… We are off in a week too, so enjoy your holiday. Where are you off to?

  3. How perfect, enjoy your travels in my direction!!! - Chris :D

  4. I really like the last one in black with the silhouettes.

  5. The black and white block with a slash of color is dramatic! And yay for serendipity! :)

  6. Great blocks! I love it when the planets align!!!

  7. Love the TATW blocks - especially the print with the faces! And yes - YAY for serendipity!

  8. Heh, I'd forgotten all about that tute! Loving the black and white and red all over block :o)

  9. Lucky! I particularly like that bottom one.

  10. Perfect when that happens! And really interesting seeing your black/white/red block, it's amazing what you can do with colour. Hope you have a great holiday.

  11. Great blocks. Sounds like it was a good time to do some repeats.

  12. I love the black and white block, you choose some really stunning graphic prints, wonderful! x


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