Friday, 6 September 2013

Comfortable Cafe Cushion

The Cafe de Paris cushion is finished!

Completed Cafe Cushion

It went together fairly quickly in the end, especially as I decided to do some simple straight line quilting rather than any fancy, complicated FMQ type stuff :)

Cafe Cushion quilting
Cafe Cushion quilting
I used my Hera marker to draw out the lines before quilting, and it was definitely easier to see the marks when I was sewing in the daylight!

The plan originally was to space the lines evenly around the centre diamond but a slight muck-up (sorry design decision!) early on meant that the spacing was irregular at each side. Fortunately, I actually liked how that turned out so went with it and mixed up the measurements on all of the sides!

Cafe Cushion back

The cushion back is an Envelope back with binding as in the pattern, but I am not sure about having an envelope back on such a large cushion. The cushion cover is 20.5" x 20.5" as in the pattern, and I think if I was making such a large cushion again I would go with a zipped or button closure.

I didn't have a big enough cushion insert when I finished this and had to go out and buy one. The cushion inner is 50cm x 50cm to give that stuffed look that I like.

The cushion pattern is from this book

There are several more projects in the book that I would like to make, but I will be checking the instructions carefully as there were a couple of errors in the measurement instructions for this cushion. The instructions lead you to cut the pieces for the back to be 20.5" wide but the cushion front is trimmed to 21" x 21" and the measurements for the solid strips for the top and bottom of the cushion front are 17.25" long when they should be 17.5". Neither of these were a particular problem for my cushion, but might be an issue if you were fussy cutting the squares for the top left and bottom right corners and then had to shave 0.75" off to make the pieces fit.

Apart from those minor blips the cover went together really well.

Not only is this a finished project so I can link up to Crazy Mom Quilts

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but it is also my first finish for Q3 in

she can quilt

and my first project to link up for the Craft Book link up at

 Craft Book Month                   
and finally because this project is actually for me

The me me me bee

So many birds with one project :)

If I had actually been to Paris on holiday I could even have made it my contribution to the

Sadly I haven't, but if you have and haven't decided what to do for the competition, to be in with a chance of winning some of that gorgeous fabric that's been posted about recently, then this might just spark off an idea or two.


  1. Oh, this is adorable! And I love the quilting lines! :)

  2. It's turned out beautifully. Love the embroidery!

  3. What a great cushion. Your fabrics are lovely and the result is successful in spite of the problems you had with the measurements!

  4. It has turned out great! It looks nice and squishy:-)

  5. Fiona your cushion looks fab and so neat.

  6. This is such a fun cushion - I love the print on the back! Beautiful work Fiona x

  7. Big tick off the list per chance?

  8. Gorgeous cushion Fiona! Looks so nice on that chair. Marie (

  9. Just beautiful. My niece is going to Paris in November. I'm trying to think of something special to make. She would love something like this!

  10. a great cushion and love it being so big. Shame about the errors in the book, sounds like the cushion was not made from these instructions or the errors would have been picked up, hope the other patters are more accurate

  11. Yay for a Friday finish; it turned out beautifully!!

  12. Love the cushion and your "design opportunity" turned out beautifully!

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the embroidery, the fabric prints and colours.. everything and the quilting design feature is perfect.

    1. Hi Fiona, I've featured your cushion today...

  14. Such a beauty! I love embroidery mixed with piecing ; )

  15. OOOh that's lovely fabric on the back. The whole cushion is great but I think you'd find scraps of the back missing if I was round at your place ;) thanks for linking up

  16. gorgeous,!!!!! you finished that off really quickly!! you could add a button, popper. or bit of velcro. of you think it gapes too much

  17. It is gorgeous! I love the way you quilted it, it accents the embroidery so beautifully.

  18. I love when a project goes together quickly! Thanks for linking up at Craft Book Month, and happy sewing!

  19. it's fabulous! Love the quilting lines.

    I'm planning on joining in with Craftbuds Book Month too... I've got a project in the works which is something different and I'll be linking up to your New in 2013 challenge too. By the way, for Craftbuds, you can only link up one project, it sounded like you were preparing more.


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